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  • dah174174 dah174174 Apr 5, 2013 11:07 AM Flag

    Are the shorts quiet?

    Pretty risky to be short here with all that is going on. Will start to get expensive to cover soon. Stock has been down so long that .12 bid looks encouraging. Level II shows an order to sell 150K at .129.

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    • There is relatively little amateur short activitiy here. The vast majority of daily short data is made up of the market maker activity. Institutions, hedge funds, and individuals look for better opportunities than a piddly penny ante fraction of a penny per day. They sure won't make profits worth talking about by shorting this stock (unlike petrey and some others' rants claim).

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      • You are correct. MMs can have a net short position during the day as part of their activity. This type of shorting is legal and necessary for efficient markets. This is not predatory shorting like the old bear-raid days.There is no money to be made doing that on a penny stock. PETRY is incorrect in his interpretations of the short activity. The FINRA bi-weekly report shows the true short positions. The latest published report (as of March 15) shows a short position in CTSO of only 2,000 shares.

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    • Wow!!!!!! What idiot in his oher right mind would be selling their shares at $0.129????? They will be kicking themselves in the butt next year when were surpass $1 per share. JMHO.

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    • QUIET???? look at the official FINRA SHORT INTEREST figures:
      20130401/CTSO/ 155 /O/ 7468 or 2%
      20130402/CTSO/ 19013/O/26313 or 72%
      20130403/CTSO/245319/O/434410 or 56%
      20130404/CTSO/ 65600/O/346437 or 19%
      THIS IS GOING FOR AT LEAST 2 YEARS (pushing the PPS down from 0,48 to 0,12
      despite all the c°progress)
      THIS IS NOT THE COMMON SHORT SELLING ACTIVITY (making money) BUT IT'S PREDATORY SHORT SELLING: THEIR ONLY OBJECT IS TO DESTROY THIS C°: Dr. Chan must take action. I'm not an american citizen and i don't know of my complaint at the SEC is admissible...

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    • Not a real safe short at all. Chan is building a foundation of physician support that should translate into pushing this thing up significantly at some point between now and end of q2..

      Btw do you or anybody reading here know where to find level 2 trading data on ctso for free? I haven't made enough trades on etrade to get level 2 anymore..

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