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  • dah174174 dah174174 Apr 6, 2013 9:21 AM Flag

    Petry - about true short positions

    The daily short reports you refer to is not real short position activity. I just found out the only reliable short data is the FINRA twice monthly report. The daily figures count all sales stabilizing the market by MMs. You can do a search and find out more. I tried to post a link but was blocked. The latest published short position for CTSO is only 2,000 shares.

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    • Yes, it can be but the daily FINRA SHORT INTREST figures are also true, real and OFFICIAL. "MMs sales stabilizing the market" means in real, true language: "MMs pushing down every day, every hour the PPS of CTSO. " I don't see the same massive short-selling to even 70% of the total volume in other securities.
      I'm now studying-preparing a complaint at the SEC but not for short-selling (it's legal) but for predatory short-selling. I've looked and found on internet very intresting lecture but i agree: it's a complex story... but i'm now retired and so i have the time and it keeps me busy... After some reading, i'm thinking that even the fact that the SEC starts an inquiery, can be enough to stop some malpractices...

    • Interested parties can access the reports to which you refer by searching "otc equity short interest". Such a small number explains why Yahoo! Finance shows the short statistics as "N/A" and answers the question as to who would short a twelve-cent stock (now) with miniscule trading volume, the answer to which is nobody in their right mind.

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