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  • meifud meifud Sep 5, 2013 10:58 PM Flag

    was anybody else expecting $700-800k in filter sales last quarter?


    really thought we were on our way to a four million dollar year

    and, according to the conference call, those numbers are completely unattainable any time in the near future. in fact, it was explained that the 2nd quarter drop was nothing unexpected. so, we might not even see $300k for another quarter this year

    unfortunately, it looks like the "strong" first quarter was a bit of an aberration -- most likely was stocking up, so ctso was recording a bunch of one-time sell-in instead of sell-through

    with sales going down, they need to get those studies moving quicker or we are going to be dependent on very dilutive financing for much longer than planned

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    • it is fairly obvious you cannot also seem ignorant of the potential of this break through are a broken record,stuck on lies and dam, lies.your a loser that will never win.and that will be soon..

    • Fudsy, ever consider that only YOU were expecting "$700-800k in filter sales last quarter"?
      Seems to me that you have expectations here as if this little spec was some heavily financed S7P 500 issue.
      Sorry you have those expectations but they point out that many neophytes in the investing world too often go "all-in" on some little penny stock.
      To be so OBSESSED that you repeat yourself constantly only magnifies the above assessment.
      Keep in mind wise investors here have but a tiny portion of their net worth invested in CTSO. Those same wise investors know better than to invest more than they can afford in an emerging, under financed penny stock like CTSO.
      Most here hope our "shot in the dark" works out ....... if it doesn't we move on. You exhibit an inability to face up to what you bought into. Instead of constant #$%$ about Chan and CTSO in general you need to reflect more on your own investment skills. Look at this little adventure as a learning experience. As such why not make your next attempt at investing in the area of mutual funds or better yet a nice safe little CD?
      Hope this helps.

    • Now that they are starting their department drive phase with Kols and physicians your numbers will be much closer.Puls 10-20 sales staff coming.Thanks for bringing this up.

      • 1 Reply to angeladeters
      • ....10-20 sales staff coming, at this early stage that is a substantial increase in G&A expense. I do not think they would be added unless there was financing in place. The historical LPC financing would not be enough to absorb the additional costs. I believe the hiring is predicated on potential partnership(s) that will make the addition of staff possible. 2014 could be the outstanding year we have been waiting for.


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