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  • petechamps21 petechamps21 Jun 25, 2014 8:23 PM Flag

    Needs Volume

    If an "investor/manipulator" owned 7 million shares, and publicly announced repeatedly the stock was capped at $0.25 and headed for $0.18, then they would sell shares as need at $0.25 to keep the price from rising further. They could then buy them back when the price fell. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    If the "investor/manipulator" has 7 million shares, then it takes significant volume to absorb that much selling. That's why large positions need to be reported, and have special rules. Unfortunately, 7 million is under that limit in CTSO, because of the large float size. So somebody could take advantage of their position and actually manipulate the stock for quite a while.

    The average volume is only about 1 million shares a day. So a couple hundred thousand shares a week, constantly sold when volume was lightest, could cap the stock for months, if you start with 7 million shares. It is illegal to make trades with the intent of manipulating a stock. It may not require reporting to own a large position, but to announce an agenda, and then execute it, that's another matter. IMO.

    Since the Federal Government, through the Army, is funding this company through grants, I wonder if it would take kindly to someone trying to hurt the company's chance of succeeding, by illegally manipulating the stock, which amounts to destroying CTSO's capital.

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    • Pete:
      I'm not so sure. Its hard for me to accept the premise as this stock has only seen a four cent spread since the Brean Capital offering in late March- As this person stated he's in it for the profit & to support his family, doesn't make much sense to pick on this stock when their are others that offer much greater potential for shorting/swing trading.- Regardless of whether this person is real or not, seems foolish to wager a handsome portion of a $1million investment when a long awaited or surprising company announcement could wipe out any prior gains overnight- In any event, the burden is on the company to provide enough news & progress to blast through the .25ct figure- Coming soon I hope-

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    • Yes, yes, i can agree 200%. But can you stop oil rising out the water??? Talking about BMA, Proudamerican, Lowenstein and 20 other alias's??? They own nothing, they're selling short shares at the bid... its true name is BuyMyBid and the MM's playing with... I.m.o. its obvious: paid bashers by DIAGF... 2 or 3 years ago, "it" was crying: we're lost, they've approval and are much cheaper than our device... what matters: nobody can stop oil rising trough the water: they can slow it down but that's all: you're right: we need much more volume and that volume is coming very quickly: so: don't worry, be happy!!!!

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