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  • verdant.time Sep 13, 2012 11:38 AM Flag

    did abfs file bankruptcy yet ?

    any day now......... as they need 100M to reorganize

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    • ABF has not filed bankruptcy. This is a solid company that has been screwed by the Teamsters. Don't start untrue rumors. You must be a salesman for another company.

    • Why would they file for BK? They just spent $80 mil in cash and got a loan for $100 mil to buy panther logistics? You have no clue what your talking about ABFS is spending money right now to show union that the bottom line isn't where it should be "High expenses means we need a better contract". The only reason for the stock price to be going down is the uncertainty of the contract it happens every time. Hold until the contract is ratified then buy on the upswing. I don't see it moving up until Jan or Feb. 2013

    • Gm,ford, chrysler all american companies are bankrupt!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Yes, all above and others including CIT Group, etc all files special BK protections, wiped out all sharehodlers and even bondholders in the process. The whole US Govt is Bk'd tooa s ios State of CA, and all this FIAT currency and printed $$$$ will be the demise of this nation and its people. Obama's plans are to allow such to occur.

        What will happen, much like end fo WWII, (if things get any worse), is the USD can be canceled out like the old nazi Bonds were, and the next day a new currency issued (making previous currency worthless), and anyone still holding old USD would have only pretty wallpaper...

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    • If the economy craters, ABFS will get the teamster charity that YRCW got. And, as YRC has no other cards to play, YRC will go bankrupt, since they can't even make money despite the lowest wages in all of LTL.

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      • Maybe not Fraighter; as YRCW made massive cost-cutting restructiuring changes to exist long term. Many others corps have done so too.

        What most of you are all missing (as is the liberal mainstream media today), is everyone out there will have to, or be forced to, learn to live on less incomes and lower standards of living to what Americans used to rely upon as the finalization of over 25 years of NAFTA type programs has seen the descimation of the middle class in America and all those former "living wage jobs" have been outsourced to other nations, leaving the USA today weaker and the majority of its population (former middle class) having to live on a lower class method of lifestyle whether they like it or not. Credit costs (% rates) have exploded to maximums allowed in most states on credit cards, etc but the wages are limited or lower as is the purchasing power of the USD today, and thus, will cause a stagflation affect for most people who either will have to learn to live on basics to survive (get rid of costly gadgets, services, etc) they do not need to live, and exist on basics of food, rent, and a forced budgeting for most.

        The living wage jobs and lower inflation we had back in 1970's (compared to today) do not exist to gig ourselves out of, and all this alt-energy, solar, electric phenomenom was tried back then (proving massive debt problem to US) after oil embargo fiasco; but again, we had solid living wage jobs and stronger USD then for anyone willing to work hard, could work themselves out of debts easily as well as make it through mortgage rates hitting 18% or higher in those years.... We cannot do that today sadly....

        This is the new America, like it or not, and what we used to have for decades will never return now as other nations (mainly China) has found they are in posituion to ebcome the #1 world power from manufaxcturing to growth in the coming decades...