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  • red777diamond red777diamond Dec 18, 2012 12:12 PM Flag

    Natural gas engines

    Anyone know if ABFS has any natural gas engines in their fleet of trucks? What an opportunity for fuel savings! UPS is currently buying natural gas engines and LNG feuling stations are being installed along trucking routes across the U.S. over the next two years.

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    • Looks like UPS is buying LNG tractors and Fed Ex is testing LNG in city routes. There was a natural gas conference for the trucking industry this past Nov. 28-30. ABFS executives were in attendance. Boone Pickens is involved in building LNG feuling service centers along major interstates across the country. It is estimated that LNG feul will cost half of the diesel fuel prices. According to the articles I've read, truckers burn half of the feul used in this country. ABFS will need the money for capital expenditures to purchase the latest technology to keep pace with other competitors or they will go the way of 100's of other transport companies that have disappeared over the last 20 years.

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      • Inefficient garbage fuel. Tree hugging #$%$ push this #$%$ due to ignorance

      • I think we will see several fleets use natural gas for city delivery units where they return to a domicile daily for fuel. The problem now with this fuel is lack of infrastructure (natural gas fueling stations). A diesel engine cannot be converted to natural gas like a gasoling engine. The only practical way to convert to natural gas is to order tractors with natural gas engines on new equipment purchases. Natural gas is a clean burning fuel which will allow the manufacturers to limit emisssion controls which will reduce the price of engines. Natural gas is not as efficient as diesel because of the lower BTU content but is still feasible because of the low price of natural gas now. The natural gas companies would do well to invest in fueling stations to increase the market for their product.