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  • joeschmo_4 joeschmo_4 Jan 15, 2013 3:55 PM Flag

    Is Word Out on the Labor Talks?

    Share price and trading volume would certainly suggest there is, though I have no proof.

    Cheers to fellow Longs,

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    • ABFS and Teamsters continued negotiations yesterday in Kansas City.

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    • Very nice day for ABFS shareholders. Over 180,000 shares traded in the last hour with the stock closing at the high of the day. Buyers have been pushing through resistance in the $10-$10.61 range. We need to break $10.61 so we can move into the $11.00 range in the very near future. I have not heard of any negotiation results except for the post on this messsage board. Based on the post I made about Central States Pension having a plan to work with companies on pension reform, I believe UBFS will get some much needed pension relief. DJT established a new high today leading the market for the Dow theorists.

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      • Great closing today above $10.61 on strong volume of nearly 420,000 shares. We should see a stock price between $11 and $12 soon. Q4 earnings will show the need for ABFS to be more competitive with non union truckers. After the stock price reaches intangible book value it will take a contract with the union that will allow ABFS to compete with non union truckers for the stock price to go any higher. Anything other than that will eventually place ABFS on a long list of union truckers no longer in business. It would be a race to see if YRCW or ABFS gets there first. Last I looked ABFS was not a non profit organization for the union employee salary, pension and medical expenses.

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