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  • joeschmo_4 joeschmo_4 May 22, 2013 12:25 PM Flag

    OT: To Red777

    Excellent comments and I too bailed a few weeks back, last lot in the $13's. Albeit too soon but I agree there are still significant negatives in terms of operation that need to be addressed.

    My question to you - what stocks do you like currently? I have powder in the wings but hesitate buying with all the multiple expansion taking place in the mkt in general.


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    • Joe congratulations to you on your profit on ABFS. I had to hold my nose to buy this thing but it was very much undervalued in a contract year. So, it made sense. People wanted to have me mentally committed when I told them I bought a union company. There may be another buying opportunity if these union ding dongs vote no. YRCW will take them out or the UPS LTL or Conway might sniff around. I am not a poster child for how to invest in stocks. If I see something that I think is spot on I have a tendency to use too much of a rifle approach. It takes a lot of time for one individual to keep track of everything on a bunch of stocks. That is what mutual funds are for. I have liquidated all of my holdings in individuals stocks, at this time. I generally research, watch trading on stocks, look at option trades, follow accumulated volume, look at technical charts and generally read everything I can about a stock before I get busy owning it. After all of that, many times I am just too stupid to understand what a company really does. At least to my comfort. We know from history that when stocks start to run they have a tendency to make everyone look like an expert. We should all know there will be a price to pay for this run down the road. I will start digging into some research on some other ideas but right now I have nothing. Most of the banks have left the station, so has HLF. Even though Soros bought into JCP I won't touch it. I have not looked at Old Dominion. I know they are best of breed and growing. The LNG industry interests me. I don't know where Disney is but the Lone Ranger movie may be a blockbuster. If I come up with something I will give you a shout out on this board so you can look at it, if you will do the same for me. Good luck!