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  • sue_ellen_mischke sue_ellen_mischke Oct 30, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

    Strike Vote Loses, But, does that mean Chicago approves Supplement?

    Please help me get this. I can understand that ABF is pleased that the strike vote failed. But, does that necessarily mean that Chicago will approve the new supplement reducing wage rates? My understanding is that nobody was ever agitating for a strike - Chicago just didn't want to approve the supplement. So, somebody enlighten me. How does this vote result change the lack of Chicago approval for the supplement?

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    • the members will do what Hoffa/Obama wish. Nothing else.
      ABF is cutting pay soon they will have equipment just like YRC

    • OK, I answered my own question. TDUdotorg has an article that says, "Teamsters officials will now 'poll the ABF Master Negotiating Committee within the next 24 hours to determine whether to accept ABF’s final offer on the last remaining open supplement'.”

      So, I guess now I understand the whole point of the vote was to find a way to implement the agreement, over the objections of those holdouts in Chicago. Good for ABF!