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  • billberggren billberggren Nov 23, 2004 5:40 PM Flag

    To cypress management - cy

    No, Sunpower represents sustainable energy and an improvement in quality of life. Within 300 years all the oil will be gone. Homes built with 2000 square feet of sunpower modules, will produce 150 Kw-Hr of electricty a day. That is an excess of power for all your energy needs. heating-transportation-home use.

    A balanced budget is similar to a stock with constant or dropping shares outstanding. All stocks that increase shares outstanding every year are junk stocks, or pure fraud and theft on the stockholder.


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    • No, shares outstanding are virtually dictated by the large shareholders the one that hire the directors and the ceo, in my book they can be the same entity. They claim options are voted on and used to attract employees. The real use is to give them away to friends of management ripping off shareholders. Many growth stocks buyback shares, fdc and shfl for 2, and many more, when you have a growth stock that is also reducing shares outstanding you have a bomb. A stock with 10 percent revenue growth and a 10 percent buyback program is much better than a stock with a 30 percent revenue growth and a 10 percent shares outstanding givaway program. Sooner than later the 30 percent revenue growth
      will NOT be sustainable.

      CY has been increasing shares outstanding about 1 percent a quarter. This is disgusting, I would fire the management as soon as possible unless this trend is changed permanently.

    • I'm a long holder on CY for precisely that reason (the solar business) - this is one of my "fliers." Too early to know who will end up the biggest beneficiary of the inexorable transition to solar power, but since CY panels are being installed in homes and businesses already, I like their chances. And it's especially nice to own shares in a company with this kind of potential that also makes money on its existing core businesses (unlike some of my biotechs)!

      Watch out for GE and their recent acquisition of AstroPower, however.

      But I really don't see where you are coming from calling companies who increase shares a "fraud and theft on the stockholder." Stockholder votes are required to increase the number of shares authorized for issuance, and the number of shares authorized for issuance are fully disclosed and readily available to any shareholder. If shares are authorized for issuance, one would be naive to discount the possibility that they will be issued to raise money for growth (or, hooray for a stock split). Dilution is a factor to take into account on any growth company, especially one in a relatively early phase of its existence. Boards are elected by us to be good stewards in making those decisions; if they and their management are not delivering value in their use of the money, we can vote them out, or vote with our feet and sell!

      Companies that buy back shares do so in large part because they have grown to the point where it is difficult for them to find a better alternative use of cash for delivering shareholder value. These are typically mature companies fighting the law of large numbers. CY is nowhere near that point. Frankly, I'm surprised to see Cy redeeming some convertable debs. I'm curious to know what's going on with that.

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      • Hi,

        Just came back to see if CY would revisit single digits. Almost made it today. I suspect it will do so in December when tax selling begins in earnest. We'll see. The economic situation is getting rather dicey, too, with the twin deficits driving down the value of the dollar. Is there a time when the holders will say "Enough!!" and start to sell? Scary scenario.

        I'm not so sanguine that it will get down into the $6-$7 range. Might have to start buying in the $8-$9 range. Still looking for the double in 18 months.

        Grateful for Thanksgiving and the abundant life we lead.


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