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  • floppy_6 floppy_6 Jan 19, 2006 10:37 PM Flag

    Piper Jaffray Note

    Closure of NSE? That's really excellent news.

    Piper should lift target price to $25 to get people's attention. $20 is not enough.

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    • Why not $30. Shorted 4 weeks ago and keep on shorting.....

    • Do you know how much they paid to buy NSE business several years ago? Unbelivable
      amount. Dig old annual report for detail.
      And they were touting about how many times
      NSE business will pay off. What a joke!
      You will see how stupid this managment
      team is. Ultimately they don't care. They
      will get a large sum of salary, bonus and
      stock options no matter how they perform.
      That is what capitalistic society is all about.

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      • Heres what happened on the Nse buy in the past.
        Btw that Vps no longer at Cy i belive.

      • Idti offered twice what Cy Paid for Lara a year earlier i know this as a fact my old neighbor was a director at lara and sat in the meeting Lara wanted more. Lots of companies were getting bought out duing that crazy time. Also Cy paid mostly with stock and he left right after. Also told me a huge partnership between two major players in japan is killing the NSE market on price. Lets see if they are dumpping in the market to run american companies out Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen Tj may get all that Nse money back and then some if thats the case. Also heard Idti and Cy have never made money on Nses at Csco. If you factor in all the design cost ect to produce the damm things. This guys been at Csco ever sence. And they are battling a cheeper China Router company so dont look for rising prices to be paid by csco anytime soon they are in a price war with a low cost producer out of China. They did not pay much for Sunpower last i checked that investment seems to be in the money Not too stupid if you look at the numbers. Also you will find in the old reports line card line card line card. That was the plan before the market blew up and Cy had to have a Nse to make a complete line card in house. Even went out to bid i belive at a few subcons before it all tanked. Chasing new markets like that you take risks. Had it panned out do you recall what the stocks in these markets were trading at? Way over 100 bucks per share Cy only hit 58 as it wasent viewed as a telecom play. Many were near 200 per share before the pop.

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