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  • floppy_6 floppy_6 Jan 22, 2006 6:15 PM Flag

    Licking the wound? - tedency in here?


    From the first day I participated this board, this board seems to have the tendency on discussing on the part of CY really not working for CY shareholders at all. Are there more disgruntled CY employees than shareholders here?

    I understand employees' frustration. But this is general phnomenon in Silicon Valley. I used to live in Bay Area. In 90s, the triangle of 101, 280 and 880 were always jammed the whole day long. Right now, you can run a truck 80 ml/hr through it.

    Frankly as a shareholder, I could careless for NSE's history, not to challenge posters' accuracy, I only wish CY folding it up ASAP. If that thing doesn't work, it is better to close it up before the loss keeps on enlarging.

    Cy management may not be smart. At least, they made smart investment on SPWR and also maintain a very competitive consumer division. PSOC is one great hope for the future. Why no one gives it any write-up yet?

    If STP continues to run up, sooner or later SPWR will find it comfortable ground. SPWR starts late (in term of fab set-up) than STP. But it is also located at cost-competitive far-east. STP is selling at higher P/S ratio now for the good reason they are making good money. SPWR is late to the party, but will catch up eventually (on condition that STP stays high)

    Don't mean to offend anyone - If you step into another board, people look at their stock in positive direction. CY is certainly one hell strange board.

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    • Posting only good news and neglecting the bad is as bad as posting the bad news and ignoring the positive.

      However it is good to be the King, as any CEO knows. In bad times they reward their suffering with more options and higher pay. In good times they cash in their options, get rewarded by high bonus/perks and give themselves even higher rewards for continuing to rule.

      But you want good stuff:
      TJ is a master (he created VMOS in 70's, that became VMESS when Glen P booted him out of AMI at the end of that decade).
      Enough said -

      CY is wonderful
      There is no such thing as a Cypess problem
      Everyone loves Cypress & its products
      Cypress never had (or will have) a bad idea/product

      The beach is warm, the sun is nice and someone you love is blowing in your ear.

      How is that for a happy end?

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      • rusiriusorwhat,

        I am not sure you try to twist my word or my writing isn't clear.

        Let me rephrase it - Let us look forward. Stock valuation is based on forward-looking, not the past. Who the heck care about 70s, 80s, 90s? All we SHAREHOLDERs care is NOW!

        Your CY employees should start another board - CY pissing contest board.

        I say again I could care less about how was NSE's HISTORY. From what I read, CY's NSE is at least behind IDTI two notches. There is no point to keep it, just get rid of it.

        It is not about posting good news or bad news. It is about posting meaningful thinking for the STOCK ONLY. For example, I like to hear anyone seriously tells me Psoc is not going to work for long. All your guys talking is HISTORY. Shall we start another board - CY history.

        It is also about the motivation. Most of Yahoo stock boards gather shareholders who want the stocks going up. So there is a natural trend cheerleading the stock. Waiiiiiiiiiiit a minute, I do not say that cheerleading a right action, I just say it is natural act in most boards for those who long on the stocks.

        What's your guys' motivation here? Why your guys are so eccentric than the ordinary Yahoo stock board?

        I got it. Since CY is a old company, so there are more CY ghosts.

    • No problem floppy i was just pointing out that if Nses are sold or pruned ect who knows. Ex Employees dont need to post opnions with out any data to back it up as to why Cy bought the Nse in the first place. Very costly to move into a new market from scratch and buying out a leader in the field gives you a head start. Idti paid a hell of a lot of money for a clock company compaired to the Lara deal dont know why anyone would buy that stock. Too bad Cy did not try to sell off the Nses to them before they blew all their cash. All i was pointing out was the reason for the purchase and why managment thought it was a great fit for Cy and its line card progress. Btw Jdsu was over 300 bucks a share and split a few times in that same year so telecom plays were nuts and idti was over 100 becuse of their exposure in telecom Cy wasent viewed a s a telecom play.
      Guess STUPID managment would have been better off sticking to srams is what that poster was claiming. And as far as the traffic gos most those jobs went off shore much like all the fabs and assembaly did years ago. Now its engineers getting cut by cheeper labor over seas. More and more start ups with all these guys out of work you would think. Many years ago a friend worked at Mipps he started 3 companies after that and was bought out on everyone they started by the Vc guys with in a year so not alls dead in the valley jobs moved elsewhere.

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      • Cynyse,

        I don't have problem with your post, don't have a lot of problems with last few posts. It is just general gloomy atmosphere here. It is not a natural stock message board. It is a pissing board. Look at the other board I engage - BKHM and EMKR. We all have healthier discussion, I actually occasionally invite people critcize stocks to come back.

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