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  • storagelh storagelh Feb 23, 2006 2:33 PM Flag

    How does it feel ?

    That the only thing your company has going for it, is the company that it spun off and wall street has more or less told ya thats the only thing keeping your stock price where its at. Everybody was expecting 20 by now as spwr has gone up, but it just shows how sorry cy, the company , really is !!

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    • Everyone talks about how piss poor CY is and how lucky it is to have SPWR. One point: CY (the piss poor company) is the one that purchased, nurtured, and IPO'ed SPWR. Consequently, it has very little to do with luck. It was an extremely wise decision and leveraged its expertise in manufacturing silicon based products.

      Look at other pure play SRAM companies in the market (ISSI, Alliance) and compare their performance to CY. Another comparison company is IDTI whose performance has been similar. CY at least had the foresight to diversify from SRAM and has had some losers (PHY, logic, NSE) but also some big winners (USB, PSoC, solar).

      Give all the bitching a break and let's focus on the performance of the stock going forward. No more caveat statements like "if you didn't have SPWR" or "if it weren't for PSoC" because CY does have both of those due to the managements' wise business moves.

      I'm not convinced CY is a great long-term stock either but some of the whining on this board is ridiculous.

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