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  • village_idiot_mayor village_idiot_mayor Feb 22, 2012 1:14 PM Flag

    INCY--Public versus Private.

    Incy--the small share owners will be bought out--before it can go private--that price will definitely be LOWER than what the PRIVATE SHARE OWNERS WILL GET WHEN THEY SELL OFF THE WEAK PARTS AND KEEP THE GOOD PARTS.

    No way a minority/public share owner will come out with as much as the Private share owner.

    I'm thinking you must be either top management or large shareowner.

    Whatever CY is going to do they need to step it up a notch before the stock "plunges" again. It's about as weak a company as it's been in some years right now!


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    • I disagree with you. As an example if they would go public the investment bank would set a price. This price would be relative to all shareholders not just the rich get richer.
      As for me I am retired, ran global sales for 2 different Co's and have set on 2 boards, one in N.A. and the other in S.Africa. I also disagree with you re the current as well as the future prospects for CY.

      Motivations for Going Private
      Investment banks, financial intermediaries and senior management build relationships with private equity in an effort to explore partnership and transaction opportunities. As acquirers typically pay at least a 20-40% premium over the current stock price, they can entice CEOs and other managers of public companies - who are often heavily compensated when their company's stock appreciates in value - to go private. In addition, shareholders, especially those who have voting rights, often pressure the board of directors and senior management to complete a pending deal in order increase the value of their equity holdings. Many stockholders of public companies are also short-term institutional and retail investors, and realizing premiums from a take-private transaction is a low-risk way of securing returns. (To read about privatization on a massive scale, check out State-Run Economies

      Read more:

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      • Incy-I think where I differ with you is---you think that CY would continue to exist after going "private;" and I think that CY would "sell" to another buyer.

        I had an experience with a textile company some years ago that went the A stock; B Stock route---went from private to public and back to private----then sold out to a "like" company in South America. The small stock holders, me being one of them--got "screwed!"

        As for CY they are much too far "right" for me to be interested at all.

        With that said--I did do quite well before the Tech bubble burst in early year 2000.

        I congratulate you on your apparent business accomplishments!!


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