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  • village_idiot_mayor village_idiot_mayor Mar 6, 2012 8:35 PM Flag

    Our local CY Lovers are out and about!


    Bosse-a self proclaimed Long Term Trader(LTT.) He told me to come back in 5 years and he would tell me how much he had made! ROFLMFAO!

    So what happened--he SOLD it all on 1/26/12. Today-before the close he pronounced--he had bought it all back! Shortly thereafter--"Brad" announced that things were WORSE than they thought! So, what else is new at CY??? ROFLMFAO! Bosse--your timing is somewhat worse than "camel doo doo!"

    Then, cksgo2--who disappeared for a few days--I know not why! ;-) comes back today and says worry not---CY will go up tomorrow! I have always said that anybody that resorts to predicting markets 24 hours at the time---has to be constipated!! ROFLMFAO!

    Today's news is similar to the Tech Bust in year 2000----it only gets worse from here!!

    I have been 100% correct in my projections---cksgo2, bosse, wired-up, incy, cornboy, and most others have been 100% wrong!!

    So, no wonder I post more than you do! Nobody pays any attention to the CY Lovers--because year after year you have been WRONG.

    Adios Amigos---I'm off to the Pink Flaming for Wet-T-Shirt night! We will see what tomorrow brings--perhaps cksgo2 will be right and CY WILL GO UP TOMORROW--What a GREAT CALL that would be after a week of Downward pressure--Congrats!


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