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  • village_idiot_mayor village_idiot_mayor Mar 9, 2012 5:38 PM Flag

    tuvac said---

    "but to say a dividend doesn't provide some price support is just absurd."


    CY is much lower today that it was when they started their dividend!!!

    CY is much lower today than when they "raised" their dividend!!!

    They raised their dividend to keep dummies like you "on board!" And you took the bait!!!

    Did you go to Stanford??? No wonder you don't get it!!



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    • Listen up, Buck, and you might learn something. Dividend stocks can and do move up and down in share price. What you fail to grasp is the inverse relationship between stock price and dividend yield: as share price declines, dividend yield increases. As dividend yields increase, stocks become less risky. There are numerous studies supporting this financial theory.

      You are a poser. I don't believe any of the things you say about yourself. I don't believe you hang out at a bar drunk all the time. It's all smoke and mirrors. You are much yonger, and have an axe to grind with CY management. It's personal. There is no other possible explanation for your obsession with an obscure small cap semiconductor company.

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      • this talk about divendends is right on the $$$...its lowered the volitity of the stock...thats on the upside and downside...if your looking for stock growth-stay away from divendend there are some good paying divendend stocks...having a blend=makes for a good portfolio...

      • hes not the real leo/buckwheat...hes either died or is in re-hab...heavy drinking-will kill you...the human body-can only take-so much

      • Tuvac said:

        "As dividend yields increase, stocks become less risky. There are numerous studies supporting this financial theory."

        Take your "numerous studies" and cram them!! ROFLMFAO!

        As for my age; drinking habits; life style---all I can say is---I didn't say I drank all the time---I only drink 6 nights a week! As for my age --- I was 8 years old when WWII began--and that is regular years not leap years!!

        I was around in the Great Depression of the 1930's and I am still here in the Great Depression that was started by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Greenspan.

        I have no hate for CY Management--I think they are quite arrogant--and the FACT is that their Stock did plummet from 58 to 3+ during the Tech Bust and the FACT is that after 5 Blowout Quarters their stock did plummet from 23.95 to 13+ during the current Financial Bust.

        If you feel like your financial methods are better than the FACTS I have just told you--then BUY IT UP SUCKER--you and RREALTYPRO oughta get together and compare financial theories and Nude Beaches in North Carolina.


        You are jealous because you are so financially stupid!

        Your Mayor-headed to the Pink Flamingo--where we do offer free colored condoms for Lap Dancing!


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