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  • village_idiot_mayor village_idiot_mayor Jul 18, 2012 3:38 PM Flag

    Bartman and his Buy Back Phobia!

    Dufuss---If you think that Buy Backs increase the leverage and price of CY stock all you have to do to is go back to the day CY hit 23.95 and look at today----CY has been hanging their hats on Buy Backs all the while---they got no leverage and the price of the stock has been cut in half!!! Now they have established a "revolving credit line!" That kills any leverage right then if they had any to start with!!

    Jesus--what a financial guru you are NOT!

    They were also hypeing up Buy Backs in the Tech Bust when it went from 58 to 3+!!!! And the CEO was publicly telling shareholders he was holding his stock!! ROFLMFAO! How much would you have made by buying Puts and Covered Calls from 58 to 3+????

    It's Camel doo-doo Bartman----! Grab a shovel; go to Syria; and you will become a Camel doo-doo guru!


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    • Buck, you crack me up. If you're able to self-identify the biggest contradictory sentence in your speech, I'll put the effort in to dealing with your post point by point.

      Will be interesting tomorrow; QCOM just about met their exp's....we'll see.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Which ever school you learned your "finance" at----you need to ask them for your money back---!!!

        Most of us Idiots here in the Village never even went to college--and some of us never even went to school at all----and we figured out the "culture" of CY way back during the Tech Bust!

        So much profit to be made on CY----but not on the long side!

        They have gutted their credibility with half truths and deception bordering on flat out lies!!!

        I expect them to be in the ICU soon!!!

        Your buddy-The Mayor-CBS/cbs; BBM/bbm!!

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