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  • village_idiot_mayor village_idiot_mayor Jul 22, 2012 6:56 AM Flag

    Single Digits Coming?

    Hey--Tim--you are stealing my lines! ROFLMFAO!

    I disagree on your time frame to buy CY and here is why!!

    The Fed Funds HAS TO GO UP FROM ZERO to spur growth and create jobs.

    Mr. Bernanke---has stated many, many, many times that Zero Fed Funds rate is here at least until the end of 2014. He certainly has the power to change that at any time---however; I note ---and PAY ATTENTION CY LOVERS TO THIS STATEMENT---Mr. Bernanke told Congress that TOTAL DISASTER IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK!!

    dumbo Senator Schumer of NY told Mr. Bernanke to "Go to Work!" ROFLMFAO! And this is after the Fed has already dumped trillions and trillions into the Economy.

    A DOW 5,000 could look "great" if the Political element in this Country doesn't get off THEIR FAT BUTTS and get something done!

    How's your golf game?


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    • Hello Craig. Golf game's great! I've played a whopping 3 times this year. Company trip should bring me back to MB in September. In regards to your time line, please note my post said that investors should merely re-evaluate in 4-6 mos....not jump in by any means!!

      How's the PF these days?

      • 1 Reply to tim2172
      • Tim-the Pink Flamingo went out of business---. The guy that owned the building re-modeled it and made a restaurant----it's for rent! No one has ever been successful running a restaurant here!!! Bar and Grill is about as fancy as we can support. We do have some "talented" lap dancers! :-)

        The Village Of Idiots is quite remote and unpopulated-----especially when the Public Schools are in session. I have to go at least 10 miles for gas, 15 miles for groceries and Absolute. We are struggleing here making ends meet----!

        I fear much harder economic conditions are imminent----those out of work are spending their savings to survive and those like me that are on fixed income are also having to spend savings that are running out, or will soon run out.

        Wine; Women and Song do help the stress of a bad economy though! ROFLMFAO!!

        Your buddy-CBS/cbs

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