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  • your_village_idiot_mayor your_village_idiot_mayor Jan 1, 2013 9:14 AM Flag

    How Much Did CY Lovers Lose??

    My dear CY Lovers-read it and weep!

    As I told you last year about this same time---SELL CY AND BUY HOMEBUILDERS AND FINANCIALS!! As we go into Januart 2013 I echo the very same MESSAGE!!

    The attached info is gathered from Yahoo Historical Prices and covers the time period from 12/30/11 through 12/31/12.

    Financials in %.

    AGO +8.3
    BAC +108.8
    BBT + 15.6
    C + 54.4
    WFC + 24.0

    Homebuilders in %.

    DHI +56.9
    HOV +382.8
    KBH +135.1
    LEN +96.8
    PHM +187.8
    RYL +131.6
    TOL +58.3%

    We tried to find some at our New Years Celebration last night that could figure NEGATIVE NUMBERS--but no one knew how---so we Idiots are leaveing that calculation of CY to Essay, wiredup, and corndog75. Good luck with the numbers you CY Lovers.

    Your Mayor-CBS/cbs

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • "On December 27, 2012, the Committee approved the performance milestone achievements for fiscal 2012. In connection with the Committee's determination of the achievement of fiscal 2012 PARS performance milestones, the following shares, prior to tax payments, were released to our Named Executive Officers:
      exactly how LOW can you set a bar??

    • Ha! Tech is leading the rally today. This will be the year of tech....and shipping to a lesser extent. Mark my dope.

    • Now if you would of had money to invest in those stocks you could celebrate.

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      • I thought the purpose of the Yahoo Boards was to give Posters information on tradeing and investing ideas to make money! That is what I do!

        Posters like wiredup, incy, you, cornboy, and many others do not offer any ideas whatsoever that would have made an Investor any money at all for the past several years. As a matter of fact most of you have lost plenty of money listening to your White Leader pass out "deception" and "hype!"

        If you think that CY is going to get any of the "stimulus" money that the Fed and the US Treasury is handing out to CY you are as "fruity" as a fruit cake! It's quite obvious where the "stimulus" money is going. It's so simple--- that it is confusing to you and other CY Lovers. CY needs to hire more Americans and less foreigners. With names like Bad-ri!!!

        As to my having the money enough to buy the stocks that I have mentioned--I would be more than happy to put my money where my mouth is. If this interests you I will arrange it!

        Happy New Year--Mr. Long Term Trader. ROFLMFAO!

        Your Mayor-CBS/cbs

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Did you add up all the money you poor folks gave the the bank executives. You probably are a big time investor, couple hundred bucks into each bank stock(actually, bank executive back pockets)
      Wow, you contributed to their new years eve round of drink!!!

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