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  • mustang_pee51 mustang_pee51 Feb 3, 2013 7:09 AM Flag

    cornboy69, moobyet, jbartram.

    I have not one thing to do with the price of CY Stock!!!! People that Buy and Sell CY Stock are the one's that determine the price! There are a lot of very large Stockholders that have dumped the stock and moved to companies that have far better Management than CY has currently!!

    The "touch technology" will be out and gone before this decade is over--has CY Management done anything at all to keep up with the new technology??? NO THE MANAGEMENT HAS NOT!

    There are no new orders coming into CY at the current time--and the Economy is still weak RE: Mr. Bernanke still pumping Fed Money into the Markets--and that Money is directly going to Banks/Homebuilders!!!

    So, dummies, CY to 15??? CY to 20??? In year 2013???? ROFLMFAO!

    As far as tradeing in the $10 to $20 range and making money on CY---it's a long shot at best. Why not get into other sectors which clearly have much more potential to run much, much, much higher???

    I am the Mayor of the Village Of Idiots--whether I use Mustang_Pee51 or Your_Village_Idiot_Mayor---I have said on this Board for 20 years!! DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE MESSENGER----BUT DO PAY ATTENTION TO THE MESSAGE!!!

    CY is a complete wreck at this time---!!

    Good Luck!

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    • Please , oh please the chosen one, let me know what to buy to make money. I need to feed the kids for this month and losing my money in CY badly. So , let me know what to buy. Give me some good pointers.Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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      • moobyet--I just told you in the Post dummie--!!!???

        Most of my homebuilders were up at least 100%--and one over 300% in 2012.

        The Financials were up not as much---but were neverless UP in 2012--!!!

        All the while-Great White Leader in two quarters said the "trough" was in --- as the big shareholders were dumping shares at a record pace!!

        Your Mayor-CBS/cbs

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