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  • Isnuffy Isnuffy Feb 25, 2002 11:47 AM Flag

    Try this kg.

    Go back to my first response to your post (last week) about suing BTGC executives. Sure, I may not have been all that diplomatic, but your post (and many previous and similar posts) just didn't warrant a whole lot of diplomacy. Still, you started with the name-calling and ad hominem attacks.

    I don't care about you personally. I haven't made any attempts to discredit you - your posts do that suffiently. I don't see your posts as "threats", nor have I labeled any as such. As for your conclusions about me working for BTG, based on my last post, your delusions are really starting to show up there.

    Lay off the flames, and I'll gladly do the same (actually, I'm already tired of pointing out just how pathetic you sound). You want to talk about BTGC, let's talk - when will Bio-Hep-B sell anywhere besides Israel? Will they really sell any hgh in US this year? What's the schedule for any generics coming from the contract with Teva? Did the agreement last year with a co. to market to Arab countries result in any acutal sales?

    Or, you can continue to lament your losses and calling me names.

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    • Snuffy,

      You just gotta have the last word don't ya! I didn't post anything last week about "suing BTGC executives". You must be mistaken with someone else.

      If I stooped to calling you names it's been in response to your responses to my posts. The names (As_hol_) are warranted.

      Let's face it. You don't like me sharing my 4 yrs experience watching and owning BTGC on this board. It's been negative but factual. That threatens your position on the stock and you react. I'm really tired of pointing out what a pompous as_hol_ you are. I don't want to "talk" about the things that you want to re BTGC. You can talk hypothetical business mumbo jumbo all you want and I won't challenge or "flame" you on that. I've done my talking about 4 yrs BTGC stock price performance and trends that I've seen and been a part of. I want you to shut up once & for all.

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      • feel free to continue with the name calling - I'm done after this one.

        And (just to be fair) you did not say anything about suing executives - you just wanted to send them to prison. Just for those who wonder what started all your angst - here's my first post that set you off. Again, I thought I was pretty kind considering you come around every quarter or so with the same sad song.

        >>> Of course you can sue BTGC and its executives. I'm sure they coerced you into buying so high, then holding onto those shares for 4 years. Was it a gun to your head? Blackmail?? Did you sign some agreement with them to wait for their signal to sell???

        I know you have argued you haven't had a "real" chance to sell, but you have had numerous opportunities to lower your cost basis by buying cheaper shares. If you don't feel like that's a good investment, you really should have sold a long time ago.

        Sorry, I really don't relish rubbing salt in your wounds, but the same old rant does get tiresome.<<<<<<

        Have a good life.