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  • waltersoundbite waltersoundbite Oct 23, 2003 5:53 PM Flag

    Out of retirement for

    one message. It's all true about the letter. The all knowing walter has confirmed from 2 sources that the letter from the board of directors was indeed sent to all employees via email. That message was a cut and paste of the real letter. The email was sent from the director of HR on behalf of the board. (most posters already know this)

    Unbelievable, has anyone ever seen something more childish from a board of directors? What an embarassment for them and any senior executive in that nut house. Slim, are you wearing a dunce cap? Are you and the rest of your baffoons really so sensitve and insecure to think the messages are anti Jewish? You have officially been crowned king of all baffoons, senior rabbi of ridiculous and inept business decisions and high priest of fiduciary irresponsibility.

    What on earth are you doing responding to a message board? You have paved new ground and stooped to a new low of idiocy.

    The bus load of baffoons are now the laughing stock of ALL svnt employees and all but 2 message board readers. You just cant make this stuff up.

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    • I'm glad at least they are noticing and even responding to this Yahoo SVNT msg board. Show's they might be actually starting to pay attention to their stockholders.

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      • "Show's they might be actually starting to pay attention to their stockholders."

        Great! So I have just a few very basic things to say, but the board will probably have to pay attention as I am going to use words that they have never heard before. Ready? Ok, here we go:

        1) Increase profits and revenues consistently year after year.

        2) Fire any management that fails to do so (begin now).


        3)Don't sell out to TEVA for 6.14$, the company is worth much more than that.


        Time and Patience are The Way to Profits!

    • Welcome Back Walter! Walter bites it right again!
      Ain't no way postings, focusing on incompetencies and unethical behavior of explorers like Christopher Columbus, et al, are in any way anit-Semitic. Last time I checked, those particular folks are not Jewish. Desperate measures from pathetic desperate souls.

    • "What an embarassment for them and any senior executive in that nut house."

      Let me tell you - calling the place a nut house demonstrates a remarkable level of restraint. You've got a bunch of employees trying to hold down the fort, while knowing that their future is shaky....and when they open their email, voila - a finger shaking in their face about, of all things, a message board - and penned by the Board of Directors charged with looking after the employees and shareholders' interests, no less.

      When the employees saw the email message entitled "An Important Announcement From the Board", most figured it was a cordial note of thanks from the Board for holding down the fort and not jumping ship under such trying circumstances. A "keep up the good work" sort of message. But, of course, that would have been too in touch with reality. Instead, what the employees encountered was a Board intent on gossiping about a message board, and attempting to create a false legitimacy by throwing around terms like 'antisemitism' and 'racism'.

      At least in a nut house, the staff dispenses medication - the employees tell me that they have no access to psychotropic substances in the workplace.

      This is truly the regime of a Dictator. Wanna know why they can't find Saddam? He's holed up in East Brunswick.

    • Thanks for the confirmation, Walter.

      This situation sounds like something from an old episode of Saturday Night Live. Of course, the part of Sim Fass would be played by Gilda Radner. Her character's name would be Knucklehead Kishka, the idiot brother of Baba Wawa.