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  • the_lucubrator the_lucubrator Dec 11, 2003 2:44 PM Flag

    Could SVNT get back in play?

    Is there a chance for new negotiations with TEVA? Perhaps there might be another Israeli pharmaceutical company interested in buying SVNT, or perhaps one that is not Israeli? When I see bashers here bashing the stock, I become suspicious that something might be about to happen?

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    • I think the bashers are just short term SVNT investors pissed off they didn't make out on the TEVA steal deal. Nothing's changed on SVNT's viability in the market beyond that.

    • Lame stock, lame pumpers. I sold most of my position on the TEVA runup for minor profits so don't give a rat's ass anymore. A lot of the usual zombies were screaming about how 6 was too low. I posted that if the deal fell thru which was possible that the 4's would be here. The 4's are here and the btk and nas are up.

      Pumpers zero, reality 1

      This company has lots of problems and the people who created the problems (management) are still in control. And yes, svnt is in play, WHERE ARE THE OTHER BUYERS? Not here for sure. Without a buyout, they may eventually go lower, oxandrin will go generic and they don't have the money to fund the so-called pipeline. To fund a phase 111 usually requires 50 million times 3 is 150 million, prosapeptide, puricase, alzheimers.

      SVNT has always been in need of some competent pumpers. Still waiting. IMHO

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      • Your comments are funny! The fact that SVNT is staying just under $5 is interesting. I wonder if some large players are trying to accumulate shares now? SVNT might have a very strong rally once the year is over? it amazes me when stocks stay just under $5 for a while. Often this period is followed by a strong surge in price. Look at SCIX for example. It is funny that SCIX is staying in the $4.95-4.99 range for so long.You still didn't tell us why you are bashing SVNT? Do you want to get back in at a low price?

      • I don't know where you get your numbers, but no Phase III in HIV has ever cost anywhere near that $50 million, let alone just in HIV neuropathy. You are talking about 200-300 patients at maximum of $10,000 per patient (the measurements are a self-reported pain scale, presumably for less than 6 months per patient). It can be done for much less than $10 million in direct clinical costs, plus the cost of filing the NDA, cost of materials, etc. Gout patients who are failing on first line therapies would be another cheap trial, involving less than 300 patients and also involving cheap to measure endpoints over a relatively short time period. If you're going to blast Savient, at least have some clue about the facts.