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  • scottg642000 scottg642000 Jun 27, 2004 3:03 PM Flag

    Ode to Savient

    Why do we follow savient?
    Would anyone call it intelligent?

    Fass has led us many a year,
    yet no one here would call him dear.
    He has thrown in the towel
    and let us go.

    But not before he grabbed some dough.
    How much is it? We may ask.
    Enough for him to vacation and bask.

    Of that we can be sure.
    Now we have Clement at the helm.
    He true of heart, and pure.
    But will the legacy of Fass overwhelm?

    As for the stock price,
    down and down it goes,
    Where it stops, nobody knows.

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    • Scott:

      This is a great post. . .really intelligent.

      I would hope that we are somewhere near a bottom. If it hit 2 I would go back in for more.

      Per my earlier post, the latest annual report was really off-putting. Fass and company have agglomerated what appears to be a bunch of everybody else's losers. Rosemont is a strange bird--at this stage I wonder if the market is basically discounting the firm other than Rosemont. Spin it off to shareholders to see if the remnant can be resuscitated.

      Congratulations on your ditty.



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      • Howie,

        Thanks for the response. I enjoyed your comments. Two per share would be enticing. Fass and company are an interesting case; can they develop what they have collected, or market what they develop? Remains to be seen.

        Sometimes the pharmaceutical realm is like following the rabbit down the rabbit hole. Things stop making sense. Today we have mass hysteria about price that is changing the way we do business. I can see it from the inside(and not the inside of Savient, thank God!). Because of the hostility attached to the moniker of "pharmaceutical company," pharmaceutical companies are now in the business of "healthcare solutions." Sounds much more palatable, doesn't it?

        Today Shedlarz, from Pfizer, discusses what may be the inevitability of "draconian" price controls here in the U.S.. If this happens, it will be nearly impossible to "make a profit" from developing drugs. Our country is the last stronghold of market dynamics left in the world. To that end, I have seen rapid consolidation, within the last two months. Watching, there seems to be no end to mergers and acquisitions. Perhaps we will go the way of the american farmer. When I was young, almost every week we saw another farm being auctioned. So rough was it that Willie Nelson and crew devised farm aid. Will there be a pharm aid?

        All my best,

      • SVNT is running by a bunch of crooks. There are several others like SVNT which are running by crooks. If these companies are tied to Israel or Canada give it a deep thought before you put your money in them. Look at HOFF which is running by crooks from Israel. ECGI, IVAN from Canda is the same.