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  • mcj96 mcj96 Mar 26, 2011 12:38 PM Flag

    Severe gout is the top ranked priority for VA Rheumatologists according to a recent survey

    Here's the link: In particular: "The initiation of urate-lowering therapy for patients with frequent gout attacks" was their top ranked QI(Quality Indicator).

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    • < Why would you have picked Merck to fabricate with, at least you could have picked a company that has not been sued more times than Trump and has had a relevant product in the last decade or has been able to go more than 3 months without firing entire sales division due to patent drops and no pipeline. You have never worked at Merck. Cleaning the floors in NJ does not count. Sorry. Beat it tramp..... red, red, do you explain your investment of K? >

      Actually MRK chose me. See I interviewed there in 1980; was offered a job and went to work there. As far as lawsuits; find me a large pharma that's not seen lawsuits.

      Now, why am I retired. Well, let's see if you can read and comprehend a stock chart. See the link below. See the price in 1980. Employees buy shares; this occurs at many companies. MRK, IBM, MSFT, etc. With me so far? MRK also offered longer term incentives; stock options, which paid off nicely. Over 20+ years the stock appreciated nicely. Comprehendo?

      Oh yeah. My SVNT investment. Admittedly I didn't sell all at $20+. But not to worry. Cost basis is low $6's. I bought in from 2004 - 2008. I have time to wait.

    • papa,

      You have 3 one star ratings. He's pulling out the BIG guns. Rated you as biochump w/ one star then went to the Pharma ID and last to the tdelluia imposter ID.

      For a big shot with such prestigious credentials he sure reeks of a angry, abrasive person. And he claims to have so much knowledge of how SVNT was "decimated" with the layoffs in 2009. Maybe he was part of that group.

    • < you want me to take more of your peanuts? You have not lost it all on great novel investments like refractory gout? Geez, you are as bad as they get. I would be willing to bet your next 8 paychecks that you have never ever carried the bag at the entry level position >

      Reading comprehension isn't a strong suit of yours is it?

      I already stated I had retired early. I made my money; and it was in pharma.

      So, sorry -- I don't have 8 paychecks coming. I have none. Still wouldn't stop me from a wager though. A slam dunk is a slam dunk.

    • I think you worked for Walmart as a greeter. They've been an F5 company several times over the last decade.


      Here are the Fortune lists going back to 1955. What year was Johnson & Johnson an F5 company?

    • By the way, Johnson and Johnson is NOT a Fortune 5 company and never has been. That's another lie on your part. It's actually 29. 29 is greater than 5.

    • Last time you posted this you only had 15 years experience, and now you have over two decades.

      Time flies when you're having fun!

      If you can't even tell the truth about the small stuff, why should we believe you about anything big?

      <<I have already shared that I have over 15 years in the highest level of the RHU "buy and bill" theater, I work for a Fortune 5 company, (not sure where you are getting the F 500 from) have my PHD, have launched, on boarded and built out 4 sales forces, consulted 12 biotech start up VC's in the last 3 years, have carried the bag, have 9 COE designations in the specialty hospital account management setting, kitted 26 major metro hospitals with product pull through via Network formulary placements, managed 3 President Club divisions, and have a very successful consulting business that connects the dots for start up bio-pharma's with cross functional support with reimbursement, managed care and regional and local partnerships with gov't payers....>>

    • < What the heck is MRK? You mean Merck? You have never in your life worked in this biz >

      Ding ding! We have a winner. The "loser" figured out, after much mental anguish that MRK = Merck. Bravo. Hooray!!

      Wanna wager that I never worked in this business?

      < READ my posts, they are just as much "fact" as any of the other posts on this board......fact........ >

      Sorry. Again you FAIL to point to a single fact or post of yours that is fact based. Show me facts. Rants about all the doctors you supposedly know, or have called, is NOT fact. It's hearsay.

      And you didn't answer the question -- was the VA contract something that is NOT fact? Is it an opinion? I await your answer.

    • < How big of a loser are you? who ever even knew there id pictures to choose from? you are a freak show. I think I will have at least 3 more people post from our office, just to bother you and you alone as you think you are the all knowing. Let me know what pictures they choose as well you goof. I want an update on this tomorrow. Actually stay tuned you loser, I will have my partner get a ID now so you can track their posts as well. There is a fact for you, I will have 25 ID's before this company is bankrupt, how does that sound? Good, fella? You going track 2 track those 2? Get a hobby loser and invest in something that PAYS MONEY and has a market profit. This riff raff you watch everyday is a sad excuse of a company and stock. No? How many shares do you own. Do you work? Who employs you? Do you carry the bag? Are you in the biz? NOPE> Go away now, shu you, shu fly. If you spent more time researching stocks and profitable companies than trying to track ID's on a yahoo board maybe you would not invest in such dung. Novel concept, huh. >

      Sorry, didn't mean to send you off the deep end. Let me know what area you reside and perhaps I can recommend a psychiatrist.

      No, I don't work. Retired early.

      Facts bozo. Present FACTS and you won't be harassed. I guess like the Eagles tour -- I'll have to wait until "Hell Freezes Over" for any facts from you or Pharma.

      And WHY would Pharma post as if he knew you from a presentation? I mean if he works in your office ... well, never mind. Your story keeps unraveling more and more with each post you make. Kinda like swiss cheese with all the holes in it.

    • < Why do the same 5 people post on this board arguing facts and not supplying anything other than their opinion >

      Ohh, The VA contract is someone's opinion? Hmmm, I thought that was PR filed w/ SEC, which would imply FACT.

      Still searching high & low for facts from you. Can't find any. Kind of like looking for a needle in a haystack.

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