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  • kg2931 kg2931 Feb 8, 2013 6:50 PM Flag

    source/link for up to date SVNT % insiders/insttitutional ownership

    Anybody else here have a good source/link for up to date % insiders/insttitutional ownership of SVNT? The more real time the better? If it exists... kg

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    • Thanks to all that have helped me to learn about % insiders/institutional ownership of a stock. What I've learned is that this is not an accurate, certainly not a real time, indicator of a stocks direction because the data is out of date by up to 3 months (Quarter of a year). It is a good historical picture.

      I have been quite down on myself for not knowing this and applying it to my watch of SVNT over the past several months. However, I've come to realize that I am no longer an active investor, having not really bought or sold much anything other than a retirement mutual fund in over two years Therefore, naturally I am not watching the details like I used to.

      I've also learned that my own Fidelity acct has excellent research screens if I'd just care to look em up, ha! The following is what Fidelity has for SVNT on insiders/insttitutional ownership. In summary, SVNT's recent history has not been good in holding onto ownership which I might add is contrary to what I mistakenly lead to believe. It would appear however that the likes of Vanguard, Blcakrock, Wellington, Ishares & Templeton as current holders is a good sign to me that we are in good company. Like most of us here I think what counts with SVNT is what's happening right now with the next 2/15/13 Qtrly results.

      kg2931 (Long n Strong SVNT 20K Shrs @ $4.64 Shr since 2/11/1997)


      Ownership Summary
      Institutional Stock Ownership 40.2%
      Institutional Mutual Fund Ownership 17.0%
      Mutual Fund Ownership 1.0%
      Insider Ownership 3.7%
      Other 38.2%
      Total Outstanding Shares: 73,050,761

      Institutional Stock & Mutual Fund Ownership: 57.2%

      Institutional Share Purchases 1.8M 3.8M
      Institutional Shares Sold 12.5M 14.2M
      Net Institutional Shares Purchased -10.7M -10.4M
      Change in Ownership -25.52% -19.80%
      Top 10 Institutional Holdings by Shares Held
      PALO ALTO INVESTORS, LLC 09/30/12 11.8M $11.1M 16.14%
      FRANKLIN RESOURCES, INC 09/30/12 6.4M $6.0M 8.77%
      VANGUARD GROUP, INC. (THE) 12/31/12 4.0M $3.8M 5.53%
      Capital Research Global Investors 09/30/12 3.9M $3.7M 5.37%
      JP MORGAN CHASE & COMPANY 12/31/12 2.5M $2.4M 3.46%
      FMR LLC 09/30/12 2.5M $2.4M 3.43%
      WELLINGTON MANAGEMENT COMPANY, LLP 09/30/12 2.0M $1.9M 2.73%
      BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A. 09/30/12 1.6M $1.5M 2.20%
      P. SCHOENFELD ASSET MANAGEMENT 09/30/12 1.1M $999.8K 1.46%
      CHESAPEAKE PARTNERS MANAGEMENT CO INC./MD 09/30/12 823.2K $773.0K 1.13%

      Mutual Fund Ownership Details Ownership: 18%

      Mutual Fund Share Purchases 1.5M 629.3K
      Mutual Fund Shares Sold 1.1M 5.5M
      Net Mutual Fund Shares Purchased 425.1K -4.9M
      Change in Ownership -3.20% -376.03%
      Top 10 Mutual Fund Holdings by Shares Held
      Name Reporting Date Total Holdings Position Value Outstanding
      Shares Owned
      SMALLCAP WORLD FUND (i) 12/31/12 3.4M $3.2M 4.63%
      FIDELITY SELECT PORTFOLIOS - BIOTECHNOLOGY (i) 11/30/12 2.7M $2.5M 3.66%
      VANGUARD SMALL-CAP INDEX FUND (i) 09/30/12 1.2M $1.1M 1.58%
      VANGUARD TOTAL STOCK MARKET INDEX FUND (i) 09/30/12 1.0M $945.3K 1.38%
      TEMPLETON GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES TRUST (i) 09/30/12 971.4K $912.2K 1.33%
      VANGUARD SMALL-CAP GROWTH INDEX FUND (i) 09/30/12 830.0K $779.4K 1.14%
      VANGUARD EXTENDED MARKET INDEX FUND (i) 09/30/12 726.0K $681.7K 0.99%
      ISHARES NASDAQ BIOTECHNOLOGY INDEX FUND (i) 12/31/12 571.3K $536.5K 0.78%
      SPARTAN EXTENDED MARKET INDEX FUND (i) 11/30/12 212.4K $199.5K 0.29%

    • KG,

      Total Number of Shares Held 44,711,827
      Large Block Owners 78
      Percent Shares Owned 61.70%
      Percent Change in Ownership -0.39%
      4.50% Brokerage Firms
      54.30% Investment Managers
      2.90% Strategic Entities
      38.30% Non-Institutional
      Mouseover legend for more detail.
      Regional Holdings
      North America 56.50%
      Europe 3.60%
      Asia 1.20%
      Monthly Share Rotation
      Type Number of Shares Value of Change Shares Outstanding
      Buyers 2/8/13 0 $0 0.00%
      Sellers 2/8/13 175,598 $161,550 1.40%
      Top OwnersConcentration of Shares Held
      61.70% Top Owners
      60.70% Top 50 Owners
      54.80% Top 20 Owners
      48.00% Top 10 Owners

      38.30% Other Owners
      Other Owners
      Average Turnover Rating
      Very High

      Name Shares Held Position Value % of Total
      Holdings Outstanding
      Shares Owned Investment Style
      BlackRock Institutional Trust ... 2.4 M $6.0 M 5.33 8.69% Low
      Capital Research Global Invest... 3.9 M $9.8 M 8.77 14.29% Low
      Fidelity Management & Research... 2.5 M $6.3 M 5.60 9.12% Low
      Franklin Templeton Investments... 3.7 M $9.2 M 8.19 13.35% Low
      J.P. Morgan Securities Inc. 2.5 M $2.6 M 5.50 3.77% Moderate
      P. Schoenfeld Asset Management... 1.1 M $2.7 M 2.38 3.88% High
      Palo Alto Investors, LLC 11.8 M $29.5 M 26.37 42.97% Low
      Templeton Investment Counsel, ... 1.3 M $3.2 M 2.83 4.62% Low
      The Vanguard Group, Inc. 4.0 M $4.2 M 9.03 6.18% Low
      Wellington Management Company,... 2.0 M $5.0 M 4.46 7.27% Low
      Top Mutual Fund OwnersTop Mutual Fund Owners
      11.77% Index
      8.72% Sector Specific
      7.60% Growth
      5.07% GARP
      2.06% Core Growth
      1.92% Core Value
      1.27% Income Value
      0.69% Specialty
      0.32% Deep Value
      0.11% Aggres. Gr.
      Average Turnover Rating
      Very High
      Name Shares Held Position Value % of Total
      Holdings Outstanding
      Shares Owned Investment Style
      American Funds SMALLCAP World ... 3.4 M $3.5 M 7.56 5.17% Growth
      Fidelity Select Biotechnology ... 2.7 M $2.8 M 5.98 4.10% Sector Specific
      Templeton Global Opportunities... 879.6 K $923.6 K 1.97 1.35% Core Growth
      Templeton Global Smaller Compa... 1.7 M $1.8 M 3.86 2.64% GARP
      UBS (Lux) Equity Fund - Biotec... 647.2 K $938.4 K 1.45 1.37% Sector Specific
      Vanguard Extended Market Index... 733.9 K $770.6 K 1.64 1.12% Index
      Vanguard Small-Cap Growth Inde... 863.2 K $906.4 K 1.93 1.32% Index
      Vanguard Small-Cap Index Fund 1.2 M $1.3 M 2.69 1.84% Index
      Vanguard Total Stock Market In... 1.0 M $1.1 M 2.25 1.54% Index
      iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology I... 567.7 K $596.0 K 1.27 0.87% Index

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Don, really cool of you to post all this in for us! Appreciate it. However, I've since done my own overdue due dilligence with my own Fidelity acct screens. Havnen't needed to stay up on this for years because I haven't been an active investor and still now. Just stuck holding SVNT. Anyway, thx, and your screens pretty much jive with what my Fidelity screens say. kg

    • Institutional ownership is reported quarterly. Other Insider transactions are filed on Forms 3, 4 and 5 and are available through EDGAR Online as they are reported (10 days and 2 days after the event for Forms 3 and 4, 45 days after the close of the company's Fiscal Year for Form 5). If you wait for Yahoo Finance updates they can be as much as two weeks late. The best source is EDGAR Online.

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      • Don and Mike, thank you for this.

        So, this kind of data isn't even available other than qtrly and upon announcement! Darn! Should have known! Very troubling to me at this time realizing I've been thinking that the "% of Float Held by Institutional & Mutual Fund Owners: 84%" was up to date enough. I should have pursued my own doubts on this 3 months ago!

        guard, I'm looking at the subject Yahoo "Major Holders" screen right now. I think it's safe to say that the 84% corresponds to the Sep 30, 2012 last date "Reported" which you'll find in the Top Institutional Holders table further down on the screen. This corresponds with what Mike is telling us, Qtrly Reporting only.

        Don, help me out a little with your Etrade screens. Mind you I don't have an acct id & pswrd with Etrade so you maybe seeing something I can't see. I can't find this 61.8% "insider sales". Besides, we're looking for % insider/institutional Ownership. I do see a "53.92 %" for SVNT in Etrade on: Fundamentals/KEY STATISTICS/Shareholder Equity/Institutional Ownership. Where'd you come up with the "61.8% per etrade...noted insider sales this week as "planned"."???


    • 61.8% per etrade...noted insider sales this week as "planned".
      38% non-institutional.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy