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  • kg2931 kg2931 Feb 12, 2013 5:54 PM Flag

    SVNT (BTGC) a Successfull Publically Traded Biotech Company since Jan 1990!

    SVNT (BTGC) has been a publically traded profitable biotech company successfully launching numerous products since Jan 1990! This is no small time, fly by the seat of the pants recent startup!

    Since 1992 SVNT's been above n below $10 Shr six separate time periods! Since 1997 (when I first bought) SVNT's been above n below $15 Shr also six separate time periods! And most recently, since 2008 SVNT's been above n below $20 Shr twice (May 2008 and Sept 2010)!

    Last year SVNT SP climbed from July 17, 2012 @ $.49 to Sep 24, 2012 @ $2.92! Then dropped to Sept 24, 2012 @ $1.14 where it levelled and remains in the current trading range - waiting, waiting, waiting for the next drive!!!!!!!!!

    So, what do I think also waiting here with a small fortune (to me) at $4.64? I think we're going to start gradually moving up after this 4th Qrtly Conf Call. I don't see much potential for bad news coming out of nowhere or fundamental changes other than improvements, gradual improvements. Short term I see only gravy from here! And mid term I see potential buyout much higher than where we're at or, if not that now, we continue to partner throughout Europe and Asia. What, you don't think money will come in time to keep K going?!?!

    Regardless whether we do well now or years from now, this is one investor that's not going anywhere until I see some return on my $93K investment @ $4.64 Shr!

    Time to BUY folks!

    kg2931 (Long n Strong SVNT 20K Shrs @ $4.64 Shr since 2/11/1997)

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Well, To all of the SVNT SHORT responders below, I won't waste much time with you but will attempt to answer all of you at once in this note alone:

      - What I was trying to point out is that Savient is not just some simple wannabe pharma start up co but rather has been around for a long time. You are twisting that point by suggesting that Im making a mistake of expecting future perf based on past perf. That wasn't the point of my msg and you know it!
      - c757172 and Backin: I doubt either of you (or at least your ids) were invested or perhaps even knew about BTGC 10 years ago. We did launch successfull profitable products and we're highly known in the biotech investment community. I will not dignify your accusation with a thorough answer at least not past my own immediate memory, but 'Oxanadrin' comes to mind (even if it is no longer profitable by itself today). There were others, I just can't recall the names at this time.
      - My salutation that you are referring to, "expect anyone to take seriously a guy signing (Long n Strong SVNT 20K Shrs @ $4.64 Shr since 2/11/1997), thereby exposing himself as either a pitiful dolt or a shill",
      is an my honest representation of my current position in SVNT stock, why I am here on the Yahoo Msg Bd, a reference for my point of view, a way to stand behind what I say and put my money where my mouth is. Try it, might do ya'll some good!

      kg2931 (Long n Strong SVNT 20K Shrs @ $4.64 Shr since 2/11/1997)

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Kg, are you telling us that all these 16 yrs and you have not learned anything. What happened before are not any indicator what will happen in the future.

      This company may never go away,but current shareholders are very unlikely to ate money. The probability is very high this stock will see multiple reverse splits, dilutions, financing and eventually may end up being cash positive, but considering the debt, dilutions, etc it may trade at $5 with 10-15 million shares in 4-5 years, or in other words with current shares it will trade in 20 to 30 cents in next2 years and slowl group to 80 cents.

    • "Successfully launching numerous products... " Please name only 5.

      "Time to BUY folks!

      kg2931 (Long n Strong SVNT 20K Shrs @ $4.64 Shr since 2/11/1997)"

      May be it is time to buy, may be not. Anyhow, do you expect anyone to take seriously a guy signing "(Long n Strong SVNT 20K Shrs @ $4.64 Shr since 2/11/1997)", thereby exposing himself as either a pitiful dolt or a shill?

    • rodgers.david Feb 12, 2013 6:57 PM Flag

      been here before with many other biotechs ..enzn elan etc etc.,many others when i played large.just like you kg..i agree i would back up the truck if i could.quiet boards these days.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • BTGC was on longer than that, I had a choice of Amgen Biogem and BTGC Janurary of 1987 at $18.75 a share and in 1989 $1.00 a share when Slim Fass took over. The Round Table on the Baron's newspaper said these were the new movers.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • so they are publically traded and 1990 is the right time frame. but they have never turned a profit, never launched a drug that has (yet) been considered a commercial success, and over the long term have failed to bring shareholder value.

      I believe they are worth more than current pps, but the market doesn't at this time, and hard to put a good valuation together until K sales can be seen through a viable commercial team.