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  • biotekchamp22 biotekchamp22 Mar 8, 2013 3:15 PM Flag

    Class action vs. Savient


    KG is speaking of a class action suit, what do you other long holders think about this scenario?

    This topic is deleted.
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    • I think the carnie, biotekchump, and his fellow carnie, goutboy, are trying to earn a minimum wage during their
      side shows; hoisting the tents, traveling from one small mecca to another, with other fire eaters, and the caravan is becoming expensive, given the surge in the recent prices at the pump.
      While the press is unaware, these bearded clams are the bedrock of society, abeit on a lower level.
      Ain't it sweet!

    • champy,

      Nice try champy but here are the exact words of my post that you are trying attempting to smear:

      "I will share no more on this board until when/if a SVNT Shareholder Class Action becomes necessary. Selling out longterm shareholders on the cheap will result in a Shareholder Class Action. Stay tuned.

      kg2931 (Long n Strong SVNT 20K Shrs @ $4.64 Shr since 2/11/1997)"

      Just to clarify, no one has laid claim yet to having claimed any basis for, nor filed, a SVNT Class Action. Kg