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  • iamdeebo831 iamdeebo831 Mar 19, 2013 10:01 AM Flag

    Ferrari must be the worst salesman ever and he needs a new job.

    Essentially K works incredibly well. So well patients often only receive 1 or 2 doses. Yet Ferrari seems hesitant to talk about this fact. "Well, what I will say is this. The efficacy of the drug is such that physicians may see results and discontinue prescribing it." and "I don't want to get into anecdotals."

    Why the hell not. Talk about how incredible this drug is. How it transforms the lives of people who are so debilitated by gout that they can barely move their limbs.

    Another thing is the EU partnership. Just quit talking about it. Every time he talks the prospects of it are "short-term", "near-term". End of 2012. Beginning of 2013. Now its likely to depend on the guidance from NICE which isn't expected til end of April. While I have no doubt a partner will be found, the constant stringing along of an imminent deal is making you lose credibility.

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    • rodgers.david Mar 19, 2013 11:17 AM Flag

      deebo-exactly what i say here since day one with ferrari,hes gotta go,i say :he cannot speak at all he is the worst!! how can meeker even be ina room withhim he must be ousted.i sold more in a year for 25 yrs career than svnt is grossing!! and he gets paid he must be fired and kicked off the board and replaced asap.they should hire me.i swear...he is horrible terrible and is bad news .meeker hire me and kick him the heck out.illl work for the same as you meeker 2.92 plus illl work for free just get me a hotel room.i can run this company.i ran mine for 25 yrs and we made over a billion.this ceo ferrari needs to be dumped asap.he cannot speak ive said it every time he talks he cannot talk.he has got to go.get him a cab and get that ferrari out of svnt asap.hes a detriment.he cannot all.never could.get him out now.please we cant bear to hear him next quarter he must go go go .now!!!!!!enuf if that inarticulate ferrari to get paid .he must go .do you hear me meeker oust him from the bnoard.and dont give him severance he doesnt deserve a dime he is terrible.another #$%$ CC.when he talks can him let the stock go back to 50cents and meeker you take over.dont hire another ceo unless you hire ME.i have a track record 100% track record for 25 yr career bigger than retired.get that ferrari to the demolishion dump immediately meeker .i mean it hire me fire that useless fool.he cannot order in a restaurant.he cant speak and you allow him to collect a paycheck.i wish all the shareholders would personally boycott to get him hire a new one meeker you do it or fly me there.but i will ot be in a room or at a table with ferrari.ill get up.he cannot speak nor run a company i can prove a room with him i'd throw him out.he is a waste.a sheer waste useless .get rid of that man.PLEASE SEND THIS MESSAGE TO THE BOARD NOW.FOR REAL.IMNOT KIDDING FOR REAL SENT THIS MESSAGE TO THE BOARD HAVE AN EMERGENCY BOARD MEETING.

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