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  • gmeabrk gmeabrk Mar 27, 2013 8:12 AM Flag

    Smart people will get their money off the table.

    SVNT has made me a lot of money, but once I had first hand experience of the unpopularity of K, I soured rapidly and with good cause. It breaks my heart, but it doesn't change the fact that the Company's revenues don't even come close to paying the interest on their exorbitant debt, let alone the principle. I take no joy in people losing on the stock, but the handwriting is on the wall.

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    • gme, You make one point that I pay attn. to as credible for the time being. Apparently there are few patients sick enough to afford 'K' given our marketing/sales efforts to date. That will change once Savient market's/sells world wide. Long term share holders will just have to wait this out. kg

    • Ouch! "SVNT has made me a lot of money; I know infinitely more than you do about K and believe whatever you want, my purpose is ti save you money; Moron doesn't begin to describe you; A Dee bag of the highest order. Kenny, I'm beginning to get sick of these ignorant idiots;I do believe that based upon my experience , not only clinically, but financially in SVNT, I can probably render the most unbiased evaluation of SVNT. I felt that this post was prescient considering their poor quarter. BTW: It still breaks my heart that this has befallen SVNT, but the handwriting was on the wall. I also have referenced my personal experience with a Rheumotologist where he had heard of but never saw the need to prescribe K."
      What we have here, on this esteemed message board, is one of the most trusted and renoun posters to date;
      providing "unbiased", and documented info, to the average investor. The true condescending voice of a self-promoting huckster , that provides information, much of which is "prescient" based upon his established scientific data and contacts.
      The supercilious poster honors a message board with personal info from A Rheumotologist; if that ain't amazing, and, remember, while this legend in his own mind, posts refuted proof, you might end up like this denigrated investor:
      "A man who weds himself to to a stock that has lost as much VALUE as PSTI really has a lot of hubris trying to talk about valuable lessons.. You are a simpleton."
      Enjoy your day, longs; this #$%$ has provided me with enough comic relief for a life time.

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      • Hey Mr. Brilliant. I bought SVNT last year in early August at .64 and rolled out 2 to 3 months later at an average of 2.43. Check my posts on this MB from then to October. This will never see that price again. Since you're going to be selective in your posts, why not select all of them. What are you a stalker.? I was right about SVNT, I was right about PSTI, and I have to thank you for pointing that out to all your many followers.

      • Post of mine January 8th at 11:46 am. Since you seem fascinated with my posts. This By the way was to Mike Confer, ask him if he knows me?

        Mike, I am here merely to render opinion as I am entitled to do. I am not one of those that uses the vile descriptions and sophomoric dialog if I happen to be sour on a stock. I look at everything on it's own merit and have zero interest in the demise of any Company. My sentiment either pro or con is meant to provoke conversation and if I am wrong-which wouldn't be the first time- then I stand corrected. Did you notice that UNXL that I told you about at $11.00 or so? It's backed off today to around $17.00 today from a $19.00 close and I have zero intent on selling a single share. I also tried to discuss TTNP at 1.15 with people based on technical data and I was met with disdain. Every nickel that I've made in the Market has been as a result of some obscure person talking about a Company that I'd never heard of. Not taken on face value, but as a start because there are just too many Companies to look at. Eventually people will get the idea.
        Nice talking to you.

      • Since you wasted a lot of your time trying to discredit me, please tell me where my advice was bad? I was telling anyone who would listen back in January (Check the SVNT MB) to sell svnt AT $1.10 and take a loss and buy unxl at $12 to 15 dollars. The weird thing about hearing from guys like you is that, my inclination is to not want people to lose, but I will get a great deal of satisfaction watching you go down with the SVNT ship. Unfortunately, your such a slave to SVNT, that you'd suck your own mother into that bottomless pit.

    • Hey, it's been awhile -

      Your point is reasonably well-taken, but (even if someone is inclined to cut their losses) I wouldn't think that NOW is the best time for that. There are a number of potential catalysts on the horizon that could move this particular brick off of the floor and there is no IMMEDIATE bankruptcy risk, so it strikes me that (given the VERY limited downside risk here) that the more reasonable thing to do is hold - at least through the annual shareholders meeting in (I believe) late May or Early June.

      I'm as disappointed as anyone could be in the truly dismal performance as witnessed by the last CC, but by now all that is "baked in" (nobody can claim that we're over-valued at 76 cents a share, at least not with any real credibility) and ANY good news is likely to take the stock price somewhere higher than the point it's at right now. It just seems to me, given the point we're at, with cash to support operations until mid-2014 that selling TODAY would be somewhat precipitous.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Hey Mike, good to see your post. I agree there is no immediate BK risk, but there is a risk of a reverse split which could happen at any time. A reverse split, such #$%$1, sends a signal that the share price was not expected to get back above $1 on its own, and that the extra amount of the split (e.g., 5:1 instead of 2:1 or 1.5:1) is needed to keep the SP comfortably above $1 also sends a negative signal. A reverse split also sets the stage for issuing more equity (Lord knows they surely can't borrow any more!), in which case the SP gets diluted down even further.

        I do see some catalysts, like you say, but they are all several months down the road. Of course Meeker, et al, could come up with a nice surprise from left field, but on balance I think the risks outweigh the positives at the moment. So I've been slowly divesting about 75% of my position.

        Anybody else have any thoughts on a reverse split?

        Best of luck to you.

        Jim M.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • Ah, another self-serving , ad nauseam critique from one of the other "little people" on the message board.
      Great entertainment, and the jester deserves cinco centimos, pero no mas!

    • April 1, kineret sales begin
      Nice decision coming up which will pave the way for Europe partner for Krystexxa.
      Dialysis study coming up. This will be huge.
      Savient expanding use of K by changing dosage regimen.
      Price increases will be kicking in.
      Krystexxa sales for CRG will increase over time sorry for shorts but this will happen.
      No analysts talking about anything worse than dilution and probably not even that.
      Why, if you sold are you commenting here? what is your agenda?