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  • meomyomeo5 meomyomeo5 May 4, 2013 9:03 AM Flag

    Earnings announcement date? Yahoo says next week but Whispernumber says June?

    Anyone know? I really love that Meeker is staying on and wants some shares! That's great. I think they must have filed the POS Amendment stopping the sale of anymore registered shares, so they could use those shares to pay Meeker and some of the others. Tells me good things are getting ready to happen.

    Also this board is lousy with these pitifully stupid, low paid shorts trying to get longs to drop shares. i know no-one is actually shorting Savient right now so they're trying to gather shares for some fat cats. Altogether good indications imo. Can't wait to see the dialysis study results. This is going to FLY!

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    • they're burning through what available cash they have left so the only way left to pay the executive pilferers is to pay them in shares. Most brokerages won't allow shorting any stock under a buck and there's your answer to why the short interest may have dropped. Doesn't matter, the only thing that will keep the stock from being de-listed (and the Yahoo message board goes away dearie after that) is your favorite SVNT execs ramming a reverse split of 1 for 10 to artificially inflate the price to $6 or $7 (if they are lucky) at which point it will be shorted down to oblivion once again until a "going concern" is put out there, cash all gone, and bk follows. But keep pumping this thing like it has some life, you and MCJ the phoney-analyst-in-chief can be delusional all you want, it's a free country and you have the right to be 100% WRONG on the prospects of this POS company.... lotsa luck

    • Sometime back I found something that told me this coming Monday 5/6/13, have it on my Calendar. But obviously that's not correct or we'd heard more about it by now. I just scanned the Savient web site (something I haven't been doing much, cause there's never much there) and find nothing re the date.

      Meanwhile today my Fidelity Brokerage emailed me SVNT's Proxy statement showing the date of the "2013 Annual Meeting of Stockholders" as this coming June 19th. I'm not sure if we're supposed to assume that will also be the same date for 1st Qtr Results, or what?

      I've emailed Savient IR asking them to clarify. Will report back IF I hear anything. (Probably fat chance!)


    • there is sooooooooooo much revenue to track, it takes them awhile. They average over 20 doses sold across the entire company each and every work day.