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  • kampaa_kampa kampaa_kampa Jul 23, 2013 10:48 AM Flag

    Reaching a point of reverse?

    I think so.

    Basher have tried their best to spread fear. I believe without broad success.
    I think shorts have failed to get the needed cover volume (11M).


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    • Just wait

    • I am long SVNT, but it is tough to say the shorts have failed with the current share price. Management has been wrong at every turn. Wrong market size, wrong pricing, no sales in Europe 7 months after approval. They did give themselves big raises and bonuses, though. SVNT has made this an easy target for shorts.

      I'm holding but come tax time this had better not be down or I'm gone. Stocks have had a good year and I'm not holding a loser into a new year. I e-mailed SVNT through their web site with some of these concerns and 10 days later they haven't even shown the manners of a reply to a stockholder.

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      • Welcome authorwood! Always nice to see a new SVNT long term shareholder! Don't take SVNT's IR Web site lack of response too personal. I've written them the same way three times this year with no response. Also, won't call me back when I call the front desk number. Yes, this is a pathetic showing to it's stock holders. Running scared is all I can guess.

        I agree, "Management has been wrong at every turn" going into and implementing the 'K' launch. Some folks use the words, "botched launch". It's been more like criminal, now, looking back! That's why you'll see me bring up a potential Shareholder Class Action here from time time - in the even the current Mgmt don't bring us out of this or worse, bankrupt us. Hopefully, we come out of this.

        I need no more Capital Tax losses or I might have considered selling my original 3K Shrs @ $16.25 long ago. I've learned the hard way that there's an upside to readily having a large taxable loss to harvest if n when needed. So, you might consider holding on rather than selling EOYr.

        Early this year I averaged down to an existing CB of $4.64 Shr. No more dry powder or I'd do it again. What is your current position?

        KG (Long n Strong 20K Shrs SVNT(BTGC) @ $4.64 Shr ($92,800) held 16 Yrs since 2/11/1997)

      • SVNT lost a good chance last year to sell the firm....However, there is hope that a buyout may happen soon...The BOD needs to sell it right now and not wait for a dreamy offer that would enable to them to be zillionaries...