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  • lempe39398 lempe39398 Aug 29, 2013 4:21 PM Flag

    Another profile update, this one is from John P Hamill, current CFO

    "High functioning in adverse environments including avoiding bankruptcy and restoring the highest ethical standards to an inherited financially stressed and ethically compromised public company"

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    • I think that John Hamill is seriously looking for a job. He knows what is hold in the future for SAVIENT. This post corroborates what we all have been talking since last six months. SVNT is going bankrupt by end of this year.

    • Thx for finding this and posting lempe! Certainly useful. IF we can believe anything he says or put much stock in it, the "avoiding bankruptcy" tells me Savient has possibly been dealing with this potential threat behind the scenes much more than we'd like to think.

      The "ethically compromised" kind of worries me. I've taken a print of it just in case he edits his profile and deletes it. An ex Co executive publically announcing something like that ( and it's obviously about SVNT), that adds more fodder for a Shareholder Class Action. On the other hand, if it comes to such an event, Foolari can now be deposed and/or subpoenaed in to testify on this in court, and he won't be able to dance out of his part in it either. Nicely done Foolari. Just keep making mistakes... kg

    • Since you have gambled 100K shares plus call options in SVNT, and SVNT 's management is incommunicado, you might be able to contact Hamill via LinkedIn and ask him what he has been doing in SVNT in the spirit of "Consistently employ an energized, optimistic management style utilizing financial analysis skills, exceptional organizational abilities, vision, and tenacity to produce bottom-line results."