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  • jagad5 jagad5 Jan 19, 1999 11:58 AM Flag

    Shares Short

    If you read William O'Neil's book ( I think the
    title is "How to Make Money With Stocks") he describes
    price patterns typical of market winners. He is the
    publisher of Investor's Business Daily. I blieve that if
    you call and order a trial subscription, you can get
    a copy of the book for free.

    The cup and
    saucer pattern looks just like it sounds. The stock was
    up, went down, up for a short time, down a little and
    then rose above the latest high. Go to

    to view a recent chart. You could say that we have a
    cup and saucer formed between mid Sept and now with a
    buy signal when the stock rallied recently, but
    O'Niel likes shorter patterns, if memory

    I would say we get a cup & saucer uby signal when
    BTGC rises above $8, but only if it does not dip below
    $5.50 first. IMHO