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  • Fabbio99 Fabbio99 Apr 18, 1999 1:01 AM Flag

    new research reprt..


    The latest research report for this stock is
    available through a new free site.
    You might find in
    interesting.Click here <<
    research reports often have the power to really make the
    market move,
    meaning you might want to give it a
    light read going into Monday's trading days.
    I agree with the conclusions or not, I always
    notice something I hadn't
    noticed about a company.
    They also have old reports archived. Kinda nice
    Take a look . It's totally free--

    happy trails to you...

    This topic is deleted.
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    • it would suck to be Bud.

    • in the URL lack credibility. Having a .com
      address doesn't automatically give credibility, but the
      lack of one (http: is definitely suspect.
      This could be lousy system administration and
      bookkeeping with the Internet NIC or it could be someone
      trying to mislead. If you know of this company directly
      and this is a viable source, please get back to them
      and ensure they get their site registered with the

      • 1 Reply to az_invest
      • It is very likely a scam, probably an e-mail
        harvester, possibly something more underhanded. I saw the
        same post on several other boards (and am not stupid
        enough to chase an IP address).

        If anyone takes
        the time to go to the bottom of any ATIS message and
        type in:

        "New research report"

        enable "ALL BOARDS" and check the "Boards & Topics"
        radio button, they'll discover that same message was
        posted on 301 (at last count) message boards on 4/18, by
        "Fabbio99" and his aliases.

        I doubt anyone is THAT
        interested in helping others.

        Beware following "hot"
        tips. Several frauds have been perpetrated using phony
        web screens (and an important arrest was made
        recently when someone literally copied and tinkered with
        an authentic one).

        People, when you see this
        sort of thing, report it to Yahoo.