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  • BudsDad1 BudsDad1 Jul 6, 1999 11:08 PM Flag

    Merrill Lynch???

    Merrill Lynch needs this stock to go up!!! They
    pushed/steered/suggested/advised alot of their clients to buy this stock between
    10 & 15 and are losing face!!! I'm one of the
    dummies!! I need to get 15 to get me even not counting what
    I lost not using my money for 2 years.

    These are just facts please don't take

    For some strange reason I'm long...

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    • 40% shorts (30 m shorts) tomorrow $50

    • Welcome_To_The_Nasdaq_Casino Welcome_To_The_Nasdaq_Casino Jul 23, 1999 2:56 AM Flag

      "my take" is that you're already shorting this
      stock, big guy...
      and i'm sure that's the take of any
      other perceptive reader of your post as well...
      keep going...
      sell the house, the car, everything
      you own, and short it...
      i'll buy all your shares
      tomorrow and the next day
      and see you screaming for
      dear life when we hit 20 in a few weeks

    • I'm surprised by strong run up in last few days,
      and tried to sell all of my shares (25% of original
      holding) but my limit at 10 3/8 didn't get filled.

      My take is that we will soon touch 8 followed by 7.
      There are some enthusiasm on this board from "newbies"
      but those who traded BTGC for a while will take the
      opportunity to chip in and buy it back in few weeks (or
      days). The run before the earning then sell-off to me
      was bad sign. The most recent run up IMO is due to
      the excitement of Genentech and bullishness among
      biotech stocks after Amgen's earnings; nothing to do with
      BTGC in particular. On a positive note, the recent run
      up proves that many perceive BTGC as a "value" play.

      TA-wise, as suspected, all indicators turned negative from
      OB range (no surprise here). As I see it excessive
      upturn CANNOT be sustained and I might even go out on
      limb and short this one. It has been extremely OB and
      extreme accumulation which is usually followed by equally
      sharp distribution.

      What's your take?

    • I think this stock has broken out of its trading
      range. Furthermore, if you look at the 1 yr chart and
      draw trendlines the slope is up...higher lows on every
      correction. This might be the right time to own this
      one...could double by year end.

    • I love the Drug Sector. I also like BTGC a little
      bit. But the management I rate a 1 1/2 on a 1 to 10
      scale. If you bought in at around $7 why not sell 50%
      and buy another stock in the same sector. How many
      times has this stock made a little run just to give it
      all back? What makes it different this time? Good

    • RETEST 7 1/2: test 8 1/2 to 9

    • or SimmFass or whatever his name is.. BETTER NOT SELL ANY STOCK!

    • Ok, ok.
      Greenspan blew off some steam
      He has no clue about the future although his
      monetary policies have been the right decisions at the
      right time.
      People give him too much credit for his
      Markets will recover just like the last time and shrug
      off whatever he says. You can't argue against
      Even if his global recovery scenario comes true, we
      can only be sure that that will weaken the dollar and
      give international companies (aren't they all these
      days?) even larger profits.

    • but who should support this thing at 9? All the people that sold at 8?

    • Don't you think there's enough support at 9 to stop a decline? We may not see 7-1/2 for awhile.

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