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  • Ultimate_Conundrum Ultimate_Conundrum Feb 10, 2000 7:13 PM Flag

    Anyone else receive...

    ...the Warburg Dillon Read research in the mail?

    Interesting 28-page read.


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    • Sheesh, I hope you realize how many graves you
      set to spinning with that idea. :-)

      apologize if I was one of those who ripped into you way
      back when. I follow too many boards to remember which
      posters I've rubbed the wrong way or which I've
      befriended. stock_it_to_me_2000 may hold a grudge but I'll
      likely forget about this set to by the time I wake up

      There's a fellow on LIFC who apparently
      shorted it several times, but he just said he was out
      when it recently started moving up again. That's what
      keeps me from trying my hand at it... the fear that the
      stock so close to announcing profitability (or a j/v or
      FDA approval) wouldn't come back down.

      to a profitable week.

    • i'm amazed at those who take shots at you ... at
      least you post value added information ... and bozos
      like stock_it_to_me_2000 seem to have a chip on their
      shoulder or have a real "nned" to talk in a condescending
      manner ... of course i recall when a few people ripped
      into me when i thought BTGC was a good short way back
      when ... and even though i was long i will on occasion
      play the short side (short term) ... but man, do
      people have a need to rant and rave when someone doesn't
      see things as they do ...

    • Stock, there's at least one like you on every
      board, frustrated little fellows with nothing to do but
      piss and moan. I have an extremely thick skin, you
      can't fluster me, and I don't waste my time dueling
      with unarmed opponents.

      Before you insert your
      other foot, research the message boards for each of the
      companies I listed and you'll find my alias dating back to
      before they turned around. I'd close with a "nya nya",
      but I grew up a long time ago.

      BTW- this is my
      last post to you, so have a field day talking to

    • You're easy to get upset and I wasn't trying. You
      might think you have bragging rights with .26/share.
      Pat yourself on the back Mr. Long Term. Look at the
      charts and now go ahead and tell everyone about all the
      $$$ you've made "hype man". By the way, I love your
      examples of companies that have come to fruition. You
      failed to mention a few of the hundreds of companies
      that haven't, now go take on the day.

    • It takes a lot more than semantic disagreements
      (young company) to get me upset, guys. I've been in the
      market for about 20 years.

      FWIW, here's my bit
      of insight - I'm seeing a connection between
      increasing trash talk and companies turning corners. It's
      quite similar to the point of capitulation in any
      market crash where all the weak hands suddenly dump and
      THEN the market turns around.

      I hold large
      positions in several stocks where message boards have been
      littered with demands for "new blood", bellyaching about
      how management's comments haven't come to fruition
      (i.e., potential J/V's, etc.). All of these companies
      have spent years building foundations for success,
      they've all suffered sell-offs and roller coasters. Now,
      they're all suddenly turning around. I point not just to
      BTGC, but ATIS, AXNT, IDX, BINC and LGND. (not
      spamming, these have already done it... now I'm looking for
      new turn arounds)

      So stock_it_to_me_2000, your
      condescending comment that "we have to put up with his posts
      (opinions) as well" was quite unnecessary. Each of the above
      examples are companies that have made prematurely
      optimistic statements about profitability or j/v's, but the
      statements are ALL COMING TRUE. The management of IDX is
      currently enjoying board kudos after getting crapped on for
      several years.

      You refer to the 29 DEC press
      release as if it should have happenned the next WEEK. I
      don't care if it takes a YEAR. I don't care if a deal
      falls through and they have to start from scratch with
      some other company.

      You've "watched" BTGC
      since '92? BFD I've OWNED BTGC since the late '80s
      (yes, during the "Blech time"). Also owned ATIS since
      about '92. Back then I bought stocks too early. I try
      not to do that anymore, but I can wait a couple years
      for something to click. If you can't, maybe you need
      to gamble on dotcoms, not on a non-glitsy biotech
      aiming not at big news cures but at solidly profitable
      generics and lower profile (no pun about growth hormone)

      Phophet2020, you didn't make me mad,
      just frustrated to see the same old complaints
      surface. But, I shouldn't, since according to my
      "insight", increasing complaints might translate into good
      news. :-)

      Thanks for clarifying "young". Sure,
      compared to FORD, GE and IBM, BTGC is young. And, yes,
      BTGC has made some missteps, but I think the
      overstuffed Ox pipeline was more serious than a poorly worded
      PR or some FassSpeak. If you want poorly worded
      PR's, you gotta look to AXNT or ATIS! I'll respect your
      opinions, but reserve the right to disagree.

      Luck to
      us all.

    • "4 months ago" would have been BTGC's conference
      call where Fass was all over these "new alliances"
      etc. He inferred that we (shareholders) should be OK
      with the inventory overstock issues because "in the
      4th quarter we will announce several new
      strategies/agreements" and this would more than make up for the
      disappointing earnings. I follow this stock closely and have
      for a long time. I talk with Lea (IR) on a regular
      bases. I do not keep a little date book and track every
      bit of info that comes out of BTGC, but I have an
      good feel for the general mood of this company and how
      Wall ST. acts and reacts. I have a core holding in
      this company and now a have a rather large short term
      block I play with. I have a basic distrust of Fass
      which has developed over years of being with BTGC and
      watching his performance...we could do a lot better and I
      want BTGC to do a lot better.
      Sorry for going on
      so long.

    • Your "4 months ago" date sorta threw me. I agree
      that Mgmt's past perfomance has left questions of
      credibility, but they seem a little more appreciative of being
      able to follow up on promises. I didn't develop any
      anticipation of particulars from that press release, other
      "some good things are in the works". I'm also not
      reading much into "several" new key strategic alliances.
      Right now, the only things I'm looking for imminently
      are the annoucement of a marketing alliance for
      BioHepB, and a strategy for marketing HGH in US (unless
      DNA is successful in blocking that

      I'm certainly open to pleasant surprises if anything
      else pops in the short-term. I do think that for 2000,
      BTG really needs to meet, and hopefully slightly beat
      earnings estimates, and also to make something "new"
      happen in the form of selling the Hep B vaccine and/or
      establishing a foothold in the HGH market (no matter how
      small) in US.


    • UC,

      I don't mean to get you mad. I have
      owned this stock since the David Blech

      When I say BTG is a young company I am comparing BTG
      to companies in general, not necessarily to biotech

      I am not "bad mouthing" the company but they have
      made missteps in announcing their intentions as if
      they were imminent.

      With that said I think BTG
      has a lot of potential. I do not mind your opinion, I
      hope you can respect mine.


    • For openers, go back to 29 Dec press release.
      "Several new key strategic alliances"; "Company is
      continuing to pursue these new relationships"; "New
      strategic alliances"; etc etc etc. I could go on and on.
      Fass is disappointing and sitting on lots of cash. .26
      cents for 99 speaks for itself. I'm not happy with his
      performance and 2000 is questionable now that 99 results are
      out. Numerous issues have been dropped in the past;
      now we understand why the stock is at the same place
      it was 3 years. One thing for sure, BTGC only has to
      make 7 cents a quarter in 2000 to beat 99. I bet they
      can do it.

    • as to what announcements you're

      The Teva venture has already added $10MM to the
      coffers. We're still waiting on the marketing agreement
      for someone to market BioHepB, but I expect we'll
      hear soon enough. As far as completion of the
      registration for the vaccine and actual sales to begin, that
      was just "sometime" in 2000. I don't expect it to
      happen until the second half of the year, but you never

      Fass may never win CEO of the year award,
      but he seems to be learning from at least some of his
      mistakes. I'd appreciate any feedback on which agreements,
      etc. you're anticipating.


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