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  • nowmac nowmac Feb 29, 2000 6:09 PM Flag

    ADMI moving fast.

    Thanks for getting back to me. I may just need to
    get up a little earlier and get logged in to hold my
    place. Never worry about spelling with me. I make no
    bones about it I don't spell very well; I would never
    call the kettle black.
    You have obviously somthing
    going on with other stocks.
    I do have another ?. Do
    you ever use your margin? I have once but am not real
    comfortable with using it becouse of the risk.

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    • Not sure what you mean by "something going on
      with other stocks". I've a fair number of irons in the
      fire and nearly all have done well, but I've only bot
      on margin once, never shorted, never tried options.
      Was ready to margin again yesterday for a
      considerable amount to double up, but that particular stock
      proved "uncooperative" by closing up, and it closed up
      again today for a total 20% 2-day gain. sigh

      re-, I don't think it's a matter of signing on
      "early". If I can't make a connection within a minute of
      the java applet starting (i.e., the applet opens but
      nothing loads), I terminate and try again.