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  • saxon76 saxon76 Feb 29, 2000 12:39 PM Flag

    ADMI moving fast.

    I think I owe it to this board!!

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    • You and I must have something in common in how we pick our stocks. This is got to be third or fourth board in past couple months I've read your stuff. Hope you're doing well.

    • It sounds like the video card won't significantly speed up my internet speed so, think I'll stop after the $500.00 I just pumped into CPU & RAM but thanks much.

    • SInce I'm after internet speed guess I won't look any further into a new video card but thanks for excellent explanationa and tip on the product!

    • My last computer was a Gateway, I know one of the
      techs and you should get straight info from them,
      although perhaps confined to what they offer. For an
      unbiased review, tips and best prices for video cards,
      start with C-Net. Run a seach (top right corner) within
      CNET to find a current review of all videocards. The
      Winmag site is another place to visit for reviews. Both
      offer very insightful info, things you just wouldn't
      think about on your own.

      This is just one page
      you should visit, but it's propbably out of date by
      now. Do some exploring. CNet's a treasure trove-

    • Matrox is the name of a Canadian company that
      makes excellent video cards. They are a bit
      conservative and thus tend not to be "at the bleeding edge"
      speed wise, but they make very high quality, fast
      cards. Any search on the WEB should give you some sites
      that carry their cards or go to for
      info and their online store ($100 to $200

      Video cards are easy to change(just unplug old one and
      plug in the new one). Cost effective? For pure
      internet use, probably not. If you use MS Office programs
      or similiar, it will speed things up if your
      existing card is not a high end one. Also remember that if
      you have and older system (ISA or PCI video) you will
      not be able to use a fast Matrox Mellennium G400 (AGP
      style video card).

      If unsure ask Gateway to tell
      you what type of video cards your system will

      Hope this helps.

    • Anybody have an opinion on how much longer BTGC
      will go without getting mentioned in all the recent
      newstories on "Top X Biotech Companies"? What gives? We all
      know BTGC's customary 25 % annual growth, one of the
      few profitable biotechs and now taking a run. WHat

    • Thanks for the tip Linacman!

      I know
      nothing about video cards and honestly don't keep up with
      this stuff. I never play PC games or have any other
      need for extended video capabilities. I can see how
      out of date video display Hardware or drivers can
      slow things down. Since I've already dumped $500.00 to
      Gateway upgrading RAM & CPU, do you see it cost effective
      and of significant benefit to me strictly in terms of
      internet speed to upgrade my video card as well?

      so can you tell me; more info on what a Matrox Video
      card is, what it costs and where I might find the best
      deal on one?(on-line purchase or walk in the store?)
      ALso, is it something difficult for a novice to remove
      the case and install?

    • LIKE, CHILL MAN!!!

    • Sorry, completely forgot about it, though I did
      copy your address... BTW- mine is buried in my

      I dunno who will get mail at

      Maybe the dean at the Univ of California? :-)

    • I emailed you at

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