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  • saxon76 saxon76 Feb 29, 2000 12:39 PM Flag

    ADMI moving fast.

    I think I owe it to this board!!

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    • One day alias has spammed 14 boards already with a penny stock. So thoughtful.

    • I just went from 16 - 80 MB RAM and replaced my
      100 Pentium processor to a 200. I tested speed on
      various connections and application usage. By far the RAM
      made more significant difference in speed than the
      processor. Increased my internet web page speed three times
      faster than it was. I'm not an expert, just a home user
      Gateway desktop. This was what I was told would happen by
      Gateway tech reps and it did.

    • In order of importance for increasing the speed
      of your computer.

      1. RAM (PII systems up to
      64 MB only)
      2. Video Card.
      3. and a distant
      third at that, CPU clock.

      I have an old PII
      200MHZ, with 64MB RAM and a very fast Matrox Video card
      and it does everything I need VERY well. Besides
      don't we all have milli-seconds to wait?

      Oh and
      BTGC has been and will continue to be a GREAT stock.
      Bought it years ago(before they made money)and I plan to
      hold this stock for many years to come!

    • Company Sleuth e-mailed me:United States Patent
      Gorecki, et. al. Feb. 29, 2000

      Therapeutic SOD compositions and uses thereof


      Improved methods for production of recombinant human
      superoxide dismutase and analogs thereof have been
      developed. Such superoxide dismutase or analogs may be used
      to catalyze the reduction of superoxide radicals
      thereby preventing or treating injury resulting from the
      presence of such superoxide radicals.

      Inventors: Gorecki; Marian (Rehovet, IL); Gonenne; Amnon
      (Herzliya, IL).
      Assignee: Bio-Technology General Corp.
      (Iselin, NJ).
      Appl. No.: 451,474
      Filed: May 26,

    • Thanks, linac, that's the point I was trying to
      make... RAM increases are #1 up to 64MB, but after that,
      everything I've read points to further increase (to 128)
      being marginal unless you've a more demanding OS.
      That's why I suggested nowmac check into upgrading his
      video card.

      BTW- I've an 8mb Matrox Millennium,
      and the latest drivers, while adding nice options to
      video display, seem a bit buggy.

      Nowmac, sorry
      I overlooked your question about when BTGC would
      remain above $20. I don't like making predictions
      because of all the variables. All I can say is that Fass
      is obviously proving the bashers wrong with each
      passing day. My target before the rotation of $$ into
      biotechs was high $20's. I may have to revise that. :-)

    • Could you all please take your OT messages and route them through personal e-mail ? Let's keep this thread on to the subject of BTGC.


    • NO.

      This is a decent, friendly, helpful board, new comer, and if it drifts off on tangents, so be it.

    • I didn't say anything about decent, friendly,
      etc... you all have been decent and I appreciate

      However, don't complain about spammers who drop their crap
      here if you all want to spend most of the time talking
      computer stuff (or model airplanes, or whatever else...)
      while the rest of us want to learn and share info about
      BTGC !!!


    • OT = Off Topic. In other words does not pertain
      to the board your on. It is used so that if you want
      to discuss somthing off the topic of the board
      others don't have to spend time reading; thinking there
      is important news. If its marked OT skip it and go
      on it saves us all a lot of time.

    • I emailed you at

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