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  • kg2931 kg2931 Feb 1, 2001 10:58 PM Flag

    biotech sector up 28% since December


    I let your last post/response go. This one I won't. You are apparently intimidated by another BTGC longtime shareholder that has bad news to share about this beloved stock. THus, you resort to trying to discredit me and/or pick fights on message boards. Who is the 'baby' here? Regarding spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc., - only amateurs worry about anything other than content on message boards - nice try. As far as "whining" goes, well, I think 4 years holding my 3000 shrs of BTGC qualifies me as a long term patient shareholder. The fact that I'm losing patience with this stock does and have recently shared some infrequent negative sentiment does not negate that.

    You on the other hand, like many on these boards, see any negative comments as a threat and result in lashing out as you are doing. You're nothing more than a cheerleader and it's you my good friend that "whine". Like other amateur message boardheads, you suffer from thinking that you have some significant influence on the price movement of the stock by trying to gain power/influence on a message board.

    The bottom line - I bought 3000 shrs BTGC over 3 1/2 years ago price of 16 1/4 and it hasn't come near that since. I'm still holding and will until I see a profit. Now, that's fact and worth bitching about and I will any dam time I want to on this board - so get used to it. Not that I spend that much time here anymore anyway - what's the point, stock's not going anywhere and I run into arrogant assholes like you.