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  • Viper1009 Viper1009 Mar 21, 2000 11:05 PM Flag

    200, Gary? Let's see 20 first...

    This stock (and this board) are like deja vu all
    over again...or GROUNDHOG DAY...Hmmm, let's see if
    this sounds familiar....

    Stock gets pounded
    from an artificial high due to "outside forces"
    (typically anything from Alan Greenspan's thoughts on rates
    to the Leap Year effect on lunar tides during the
    Winter Soltice -- pick 'em).

    Longs groan about
    market makers messing with the price, Wexler claims
    shorting prowess with suspiciously perfect market

    External forces mysteriously evaporate, Company announces
    "things are turning up roses", the longs come back out
    and claim they knew this all along, Linda goes back
    in her cave.

    Stock moves Northward,
    home-office Homies appear on the Board and start talking
    about some "mega-deal" that is going to "Rock!"
    agonizingly long period follows wherin company finally
    announces some supposedly "wiz bang" deal which promptly
    draws a collective yawn from the market. Institutions
    provide coverage because of the blizzard of press
    releases and move it a little more Northward, Neuberger
    goes on CNBC, hypes the stock as a "bet the farm --
    sure thing" and then proceeds to unleash its MM's to
    sell like hell into the hype -- you nailed this one
    KEM/Gary (hello, SEC staff?). The stock gets rocked due to
    razor float, the MM's start having their fun, the real
    buyers never materialize and management does nothing,
    releases puff pieces, or goes and acquires a completely
    different business that *arguably* could be the cure to the
    insurance distribution cancer/aids/ebola that is strangling
    our otherwise fabulous country.

    The Q comes
    out (damn, facts again), only a few policies were
    sold, big AOL payments stick out like a sore thumb, the
    real investors begin to wonder when this Internet sale
    of insurance thing is going to happen and proceed to
    sell and sell and sell and sell and

    Stock goes South fast with seemingly no bottom until
    the next external force is "neutralized" or an
    Insider runs out of shares to sell (whichever comes first
    - more likely the latter). Price stays low until
    the next investor conference or until Neuberger
    performs some favors to get back on The CNBC Hype Box
    (again, usually the latter). Stock recovers for s short
    period of time only to drag investors back through the
    rinse cycle a few months later.

    Shampoo, Rinse,
    Repeat....Who wants the next haircut? Hop into the big comfy
    chair... hey! look up there on the TV on CNBC...isn't that
    the same guy quoting Gary Kraft (or Garywisdom) and
    setting a $200.00 price target for this stock? Yeah, I
    think it is! Hell, I gotta get me some of that...calls
    his broker (most likely Raymond James who ends up
    buying the shares at $36 from NUEB.....he never even had
    a chance)

    Anyone know a good "hedge"

    Anyone else here get the feeling that this company is
    owned and operated by Messrs. Barnum and



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