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  • liquidwound liquidwound May 30, 2000 3:03 AM Flag


    So if we sign the deals we go to $100, and if we don't we go to $2 (or to hell): So what do you REALLY think will happen...and when??

    Ciao, LiqW

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    • <EOM>

    • I just spoke to Steve Kaplan. He told me what
      Jennifer Messmer said to the reporter. The reporter told
      Jennifer that she was under a very tight deadline and
      needed a response immediately. That is why Jennifer
      answered the questions , rather than getting Mike Ashker
      to take the call.The reporter wanted to know what
      accounted for the increase in the stock price.Jennifer
      responded:1-We are hopeful that investors are beginning to see
      the value in ourindustry and what HA offers2-We have
      made no specific announcements today that might affect
      the stock price.3-Our stock is rising with the rest
      of the Nasdaq tech stocks, including Healtheon,
      etc.What the reporter actually printed bears no
      resemblance to the facts given to her by Jennifer.MAYBE THE

    • Look what's happening shorts - Linda - it doesn't look there's a chance at 3 1/2 today -better raise your bid if you want to go to the other side.

    • Maybe the street was wanting to hear what Jennifer had to say? ;-)

      Oh well, I'll never understand the market...

    • You know, she could have just said, "I don't
      believe it has anything to do with any news being leaked
      about the signing of the deal with MedUnite since we've
      all been quite tight-lipped about it around here,"
      and just left it at that. BUT NOOOOOOOO! She has to
      issue a statement that leads all to believe that
      everyone has gone on vacation until the next policy is
      sold. Oh well......

    • I'm not giving her or HAXS any room for error on
      issues like this. Let's not forget the shareholders own
      the company. I am a shareholder and she is being paid
      to represent my company in the best light possible.
      If her comments were mis-interpreted, they should
      put out a news release that states the actual facts.
      That may seem like over-kill but we need every good
      comment at this point. I'm glad to see that we are
      trading up today, although on extremely light volume.

    • The more I think about it, the more I believe that it is quite possible that Jennifer said all of the right things, and the reporter just either mis-quoted her,or worse, twisted her words on purpose.

    • It's possible that her comment was taken out of
      context. Wouldn't be the first time that someone was
      misquoted. She might have been trying to say that there is
      no news being leaked out and therefore the company
      does not wish to comment on the possible cause(s) of
      the price increase.

      Merely trying to give her
      the benefit of the doubt, but she should still be
      reprimanded for not being more careful with her choice of

      Wedgete, hope you don't leave the board entirely.
      Everyone's entitled to get angry every once in a while. You
      have been on this board for quite a while so most
      people know where you're coming from. Lighten up and
      stick around, OK?

    • my wife actually saw my post on jennifer and her
      comment was "i can't believe you are all so angry" she's
      right. we are all angry. jennifer was in the wrong place
      at the wrong time saying the wrong thing.

      what she said or didn't say changes nothing. we all
      know this.

      blasting a totally unknown person
      by calling her a "silly bitch" or worse suddenly
      makes no sense to me and i am going to reflect over the
      summer on posting on yahoo message boards. see you labor
      day weekend.

    • She is the "media contact" listed on the HAXS
      press releases. IMHO, they would be much better off
      listing Steve Kaplan as the media contact. At least he
      knows how to explain things. A very upbeat story,
      ruined by a stupid comment by Ms. Messmenr.

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