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  • KEM60 KEM60 Jun 6, 2000 6:48 PM Flag

    the RISE of HAXS andHLTH continues hand

    This is really a good sign when the "short"
    cowboys come back after a run like this.

    hold its gains. LOL!!! It's up over 100% in less than
    two weeks.

    Earth to brainless boobs -
    nothing goes up every day and I suppose in your houses,
    nothing goes up ever <G>. Ever heard of something
    called profit taking? Cover at 1!! LOL again!!! You
    better be thinking about another 1 with it.

    People shorting now are like longs who tried to buy the
    first correction day after the March highs. It's over,
    except a scalp here and there. Accept it.