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  • Hantivirus Hantivirus Jun 14, 2000 11:38 AM Flag are things at Corporate?

    Pray, tell us.

    Also, with all the time
    management has been with the analysts and at conferences,
    they haven't yet communicated "earnings"

    LOL at that one!

    Because there are no
    earnings, I imagine we are talking about revenue

    Because their distribution business is not doing so well,
    I imagine any dream of a profit will HAVE to come
    from the ASG team, right? That's their B2B arm, right?

    That's why I asked about how the health insurance
    company sign up's are coming. No carriers sign up for
    end-to-end system, no chance at profit.


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    • Are you calling WIEN, AGII, SHRP ERNS and NEUB 2nd rate firm?

      I thought so. And that would be a stretch.

    • <EOM>

    • drexel_burnham_lambert drexel_burnham_lambert Jun 17, 2000 11:28 PM Flag

      than "collude," don't you think? Maybe it's
      long-short daytraders colluding? DLJ was the last pump and
      dump house to say BUY on HAXS. Seriously doubt HAXS
      mgt has anything bad to say about their partner in
      crime. ANIK types found themselves a class action
      attorney. If you are long and wrong and not daytrading this
      then maybe you guys ought to file a class action. As I
      recall, there were many chats over here about how market
      makers love to make money off daytraders. Mgt does not
      particularly like daytraders hopping in and out of their
      stocks in any firm. It scares potential serious
      investors away to see too much volatility and see-saw
      action. LEH and BSC won't touch HAXS and have not for a
      long time. Just the schlocksters making a market in it
      now. Wish you guys the best. Better sectors out there
      to trade if you don't get "greedy."

    • And by the way, there are now five short sellers
      positioned ahead of DLJ. All of them know that DLJ is going
      to unload a bunch and they want part of the

      This whole knockdown began a few days ago when
      DLJ appeared on the ask for the first time in quite

    • If you feel that you have some compelling information concerning DLJ, why not write to Michael Ashker at and let him know? He might be interested to hear what you have to say.

    • Folks, you paid DLJ underwriting fees and they
      are out shorting and trying to destroy your

      They hung back while INCA shorted to the buyer
      and then slam, 8000 shares go on the inside ask

      They are colluding with other market makers and
      don't believe for a second that they are not.

    • We have a buy super posted and I see now that DLJ
      has moved down now to take care of the buyer. Of
      course, this causes the rest of the head lice to jump
      ahead - they're knocking each other over trying to
      short to the buyer. Once the buy got posted, Neuberger
      scooted out of the way too.

      Oh yeah, this is a
      fair market.

      • 1 Reply to KEM60
      • And now, we have the supreme grand poobah of the
        short selling jerks, AGII, moving down for a little
        action on this buyer.

        I am just posting this
        stuff so that people who read this know what a
        manipulated POS this is. These people are like thieves.
        They'll take care of this buyer then tank it back down.
        It does appear that there's a whole lot less supply
        for them to play with, other than that million shares
        of Kaminsky's that the ever accommodating Neuberger
        has to use for fun and games.

        It's sickening.