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  • thrillseeker_fun thrillseeker_fun Sep 17, 2010 12:06 AM Flag

    Rob Mac

    There could be a number of reasons he sold his holdings, I doubt it's just to concentrate on his other investments, if he wanted to do that he wouldn't have invested in the first place since Rob Mac is a genius and plans very far ahead. In my opinion these are the top likely reasons he sold.

    1. A major offered him a very nice premium for his stake to get a foot hold in RBY.
    2. He wanted a more active role in management and they told him no, and he does have a history of removing management and installing himself to replace them so this is very possible.
    3. He and David Adamson are in total disagreement on major issues my guess would be the issue is to mine or sell but we don't know who is on which side.
    4. An offer was made by GG and accepted by RBY, Rob sells out to a different major just to spite GG.

    These are what I feel are the most likely situations. I feel very strongly that the problem isn't with the deposit, the problem is differing viewpoints on how to move it forward, one party is saying "lets get a big chunk of money now" while the other is saying "lets get a huge chunk of money over an extended period".

    Either way I have not lost one bit of respect for Rob Mac, I have been investing in his companies for far too long and been rewarded far too handsomely to have a single complaint about him. His character and ethics are of the highest caliber in my opinion and I will continue to keep my holdings in his other companies without worry.

    We all need to keep 1 thing in mind. We invest for 1 reason and 1 reason alone, to make more money. Rob Mac is no different and I congratulate him on his gains in RBY and wish him well with the other companies he's involved in.


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