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  • g0000000000000gle g0000000000000gle Apr 21, 2011 9:52 AM Flag

    Rob McEwen, WE MISS YOU, come

    back and show them how to run a publicly traded company.

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    • Just for the record, the "We" in the headline doesn't include me. RM is gone, forget about him.

    • "That seems to be what McEwen was alluding to when he called them great geologists whenever he was questioned about the management. He basically gave a big thumbs down to their management capabilities"

      Of course that's the slant and bias you choose to put on it - but on the other hand they ARE great geologist but haven't brought a mine into production YET. If you've been reading the posts however, they have hired someone who has 30 years experience of this kind of work.

      Rob isn't coming back

    • That seems to be what McEwen was alluding to when he called them great geologists whenever he was questioned about the management. He basically gave a big thumbs down to their management capabilities.

    • One of these days, the BOD's is going to convene a come to daddy meeting with DA and his ego.

      I am no expert, but let us face facts. The current team does not have the proper experience to take this company to production.

      This deposit needs to be handed over to people that know how to build and run gold mines.

      My speculation is that Rubicon will be sold by the end of the year.

    • bc,

      I bought RBY a while before Mr. McEwen bought in. I researched RBY and thought...wooooooohoooooo!LOL. Me, stockaphobe, and TOMM.....bought right in and I think we are all still aboard. Now....when we bought in...RBY was sittin' at 1.3- and it drifted real news....kept looking at the research and stockaphobe kept buying!LOL. He bought on down below 70 cents, but it was major risky, imo. RBY needed money to drill...and when the lifeboats was sinkin' and I was hollering, "Captain, we're going down"...Mr. McEwen bought in and FUNDED the exploration. Everybody wants to talk GG...but they was no where to be had and was probably shooting the holes in our rafts.LOL. RBY soared on this news...Mr. McEwen. I don't think that other stock you mentioned has an effect like Mr Midas. I was stunned and thought....who is Mr. McEwen?ROFLOL. I tell you I am a "kid"....I did not know of him or who he was. Any way, with that funding, we made a huge hit....that's right....Mr. McEwen's money helped us and we were going down then. GG would have gotten us for a song....really. I have been around for years now, and I did buy UXG after that. I bought RBY for reasons other than Mr. McEwen, but I'm not stupid to think that RBY got that drilling done with HIS money.


    • NGD still exists, and WGW directors are on the BOD.

      They are both gold mining companies.

      If owning something that Rob runs is so critical to you, you should go buy it when its on sale, IMO.

      Buying things hoping for takeovers is a losing proposition most of the time. I own RBY because of its location, mine wise, grades, likely cost to build and extract, and long term profit potential in a world of paper confetti. Management is a big negative at present, but whatever gold was there is still there.

    • NGD management (that bought WGW-Western Goldfields) has high reputation for deal-making in large junior category; about the same as McEwen has in small juniors.

    • One thing for sure, McEwen would not be hiding in a hole.News would have been released,and shareholder confidence would not be so low.

    • g000...,

      This has been my hope, which got dashed to the ground, when he sold. RBY shareholders would have so much better off now. People got some type of idea and all. I've said all along, that it takes more than great just does. Don't get me wrong, because it takes great exploration skills to locate and all, but it takes money to ride the train and there is more involved with running a mining business, imo....imo. Mr. McEwen has YEARS of expertise in knowing what to do, and the time to reap benefits is coming and we are sitting like this.....dead in the water, so to speak. RBY trying to go it along is going to be a struggle, and I don't see how so many think we're going to fly off the stockcharts, in this type of predicament. Reality check.....all of us need a reality check. Mr. McEwen gave RBY integrity and people wanted to buy and knew Mr. McEwen's philosophy about shareholders. If RBY had of been offered a low price, then it would probably had made up for it by now. makes us get huge figures in our heads, and that's why I said yesterday.....penny wise and pound foolish. I don't know how to change my idea, because RBY is not communicating and letting the shareholders know any thing. I'm holding and hoping....for some thing.LOL.


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