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  • sewells831 sewells831 May 25, 2011 12:46 PM Flag

    Current observations Rubicon

    I think there will be some of that done. There is usually a lot of planning that is done prior to production. Stope planning generally involves drilling to figure out what you want to take from where. I'd imagine that they will be producing from very good material for some time.

    But, it might not work out that way. It comes down to what maximizes life of mine production. For instance, if there is a vein that is quite good surrounded by sulfide material that's marginal they may take both while they are at it. Particularly if the sulfide material might not be worth going back for later.

    If they were worried about POG falling dramatically for instance, they might focus on only the lower grade in order to produce it while it was profitable to produce.

    It's a complicated optimization problem but it wouldn't surprise me for them to mine high grade material for a while to get everything off on the right foot.

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