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  • goldmetalmania goldmetalmania Apr 11, 2012 12:52 PM Flag

    Question for anyone


    Hello Wolfman - If your theory is 100% correct, do you believe Rubicon will be worth more than the current share price at buyout or production?

    The cost basis of my shares is so low, I operate under the concept that my payday will come at buyout or production.

    I have long believed Rubicon is manipulated, suppressed and accumulated at the expense of retail shareholders. Wealthy and patient hands can afford these games. Sewells announced that he sold his position today which is his call. Perhaps his shares were just folded into the pile of deep pockets? - GoldMetalMania

    P.S. - Private equity should build a huge position in RBY/RMX and make an offer for the company. Goldcorp would likely trump the offer of private equity and the big players make a fortune!

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    • Hello Goldmetalmania,

      I'm only posing a theory I've held for years. It seems (to me) to be the only logical conclusion if one still believes F2 is a world-class deposit. Unless those earlier drill holes were falsified (or stuffed with gold from somewhere else), I continue to believe F2 is massively undervalued. I like your idea about a private-equity group making an offer. Hopefully that will happen.

      I was surprised to see Sewells sell his shares after having held on for so long. Guess they call that capitulation.

      GLTY GMM. You're a stronger man than I am :)

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