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  • dpgood66 dpgood66 Jul 22, 2012 9:02 PM Flag

    OT: God Bless the NRA

    Pride is indeed the chief problem in the heart of men, and it's amazing how we can so easily and quickly assign that label to others when all the while it emanates so strongly from ourselves, right? We are so easily blinded to its active presence in us but everyone else can see it so obviously in our words, our behavior, and our actions. I don't solely look at others who don't share my beliefs as having a problem in their hearts because I HAVE THE VERY SAME PROBLEMS (emphasis added because you may have missed me stating that in the last paragraph of my previous message).

    And the veil of anonymity gained on a message board only serves to add fuel to the fire called pride.

    This message board is supposed to be about RBY, even though this is an off-topic thread. Whether intentionally or not, you tend to come across as a little angry and somewhat abrasive so I will not add any more fuel to your fire. It was not my intent to agitate you; I simply responded to the Kid and shared a point that is quite valid, and for some reason your reflexive reaction to that valid point came in pretty strong. Just my observation.

    The last word is yours.......fulfill that compulsion you feel right now. Anyway, hope you have a good rest of the day, Bogfit. Time for me to turn in.......Mondays are rough.

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